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Product review: Voice Dream Text-to-Speech

Voice Dream is a mobile text-to-speech iOS app that is rich in features with the ability to read all kinds of documents, PDFs, web pages, eBooks, and more.
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Product Title: Voice Dream
By David Kapuler

Retail Price: $9.99 iOS app

Voice Dream is a mobile text-to-speech iOS app that is rich in features with the ability to read all kinds of documents, PDFs, web pages, eBooks, and more.

Quality and Effectiveness
Voice Dream is ideal for Special Education, ESL, or classrooms with struggling readers. This all-in-one tool helps students with reading by combining auditory listening skills with visual reading to increase comprehension. Plus, its storing feature allows students to listen/read anything at any time, not just in the classroom.

Ease of Use
Voice Dream was built for its simplicity and can be used by people of all ages with any iOS device. It has a detailed walkthrough that teaches people how to use the app through well-known gestures (i.e. swiping, tapping, pinching, etc.). Also, there are over 36 VoiceOvers in all languages to make it easy for foreign language learners. Finally, the control button is very similar to any audio pause/play device for starting, stopping, fast forwarding, etc.

Creative Use of Technology
Voice Dream is one of the most robust text-to-speech apps on the market. It can extract text from a variety of sources such as: Web pages, PDF’s, eBooks, audiobooks, documents, and more. It has a simple to use pause-play button, customizable dictionary, the ability to adjust reading speeds, and more. 

Suitability for Use in a School Environment
Voice Dream is ideal to use with students developing their reading skills. Also, the app’s OpenDyslexia font and control settings make it appropriate for special ed students. Students can use the Focused Reading Mode to help learn how to read and can zoom in on the text that is being read aloud. The split-screen mode is perfect for assignments where note taking or research is required. 

Top features:

  1. One of the most robust iOS apps around filled with an abundance of features for students such as: split screen, focused reading mode, bookmarking, highlighting, and more
  2. Reading & Listening – can read almost any text in digital format in any language.
  3. Innovation/Mobility –rich in features that allow users to listen to all kinds text in any format in any language at any time.

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at



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