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Product: Shmoop

The site offers more than 600 free Learning Guides in 10 subjects for grades six through 12.
Publish date: ¦ Retail price: Most of the site is free. Teacher resources, $7 a year; test prep (for ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP), $12.95 to $23 a year. Schools and districts can purchase a site license at discounted rates.

By David Kapuler

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The site offers more than 600 free Learning Guides in 10 subjects for grades six through 12. Shmoop also offers premium paid services: Teacher’s Editions and online Test Prep (for ACT , SAT , PSAT , and AP ). You can also buy Shmoop guides in mobile app or e-book form.

Quality and Effectiveness: Shmoop is thorough and well thought out in its detail. It also has great teacher resources for an affordable price, including assignments, quizzes, photos, and timelines. The test-review section alone makes it worth the cost of admission. There is so much to be found here that an educator can teach the same topic a number of ways on mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Ease of Use: At first glance, Shmoop’s home page may look a little busy. After a few minutes, however, it’s easy to navigate the site and gain access to all its in-depth content. The site includes a number of video tutorials.

Creative Use of Technology: Shmoop is innovative, fun, and engaging. For example, users can earn Shmoints, the currency used on Shmoop, which may in turn earn them prizes. Also, the Why Should I Care? section of the analysis/ learning guide helps explain the importance of the analysis and puts the topic in simple terms. Shmoop incorporates pop culture into its learning guides and makes learning interesting and fun.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: A teacher can use Shmoop to pick a topic and then find assignments, quizzes, pop-culture events, and discussion and essay questions and use these in their teaching. The site is easily integrated into the classroom and used as a study tool.

Top Features

¦ Mobility: Shmoop is a large crossplatform educational publisher that has more than 4,000 titles available across the Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader.
¦ Test prep: Shmoop includes ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP prep exams. Test-prep and teacher editions are completely digital and affordable.
¦ Innovation: Everything can be found here, from an abundance of teacher resources, videos, and photos to a great array of online tools.

Overall Rating
Shmoop is easy to use and simple in its approach yet highly innovative and humorous so as to keep the user engaged.



Product Review: Shmoop

Shmoop is a site designed by educational experts in more than ten subject areas, including Literature, Poetry, Shakespeare, Bestsellers, US History, Civics, Economics, Biography, Music, and Pre-Algebra.

Shmoop Launches GED Guide

Shmoop announces the release of a comprehensive guide to the GED. In 2007, more than 600,000 adults worldwide completed the GED test battery, which includes five subject area tests on mathematics, reading, science, social studies and writing. The online prep course from Shmoop features hundreds of explanations, examples and exercises, more than 600 practice problems and essays, and two full-length timed GED practice tests.

Shmoop Welcomes Students Back to School

This back to school season, Shmoop is helping students get back into the grind with its Learning Guides and Test Prep materials. The free Learning Guides can ease students into school-mode by covering a wide variety of subjects such as literature, economics, biology, algebra and more. Shmoop also provides help to college-bound students with its test prep diagnostics for the reading, writing and math portions of the SAT, PSAT and ACT exams. Last but not least, Shmoop prepares students for life after high school with its free College 101, Career Guide and Financial Literacy reference tools.

Shmoop Helps Students Give It the Old College Try

With the goal of preparing students for life after high school, Shmoop offers an extensive College Readiness Guide and College 101 resources. The College Readiness Guide covers a variety of topics commonly found on standardized tests to help prepare students for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, CAHSEE, ISEE, SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams. Students can track their progress and receive study tips through the personalized Dashboard feature from Shmoop. College 101 is a free online resource for students and parents that covers topics such as admission essays, entrance exams, financial aid and more.

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BigUniverse is a dynamic online reading, writing, and sharing community that has more than 2,600 excellent fiction and nonfiction books for young readers.

Shmoop Launches ‘Shmoop Careers’

Shmoop announces the launch of Shmoop Careers, a guide designed to help students glean more information about career paths they may be considering. For each career, Shmoop breaks down what students can expect if they decide to pursue the profession. The guide provides a snapshot of what the occupation entails and a glimpse into a typical day in the life, along with a run-down of salary, power, fame, glory, stress, qualifications and more. Shmoop will add new careers to the guide every month, helping students discover career paths they may have never previously considered. 

Shmoop Launches Flashcards

Shmoop announces the launch of Flashcards, a free site-wide tool that helps students learn and retain information. Students can use the online flashcards for a variety of subjects including algebra, literature, biology and even mythology. Shmoop also developed SAT and AP test prep flashcards to assist students who are preparing for college.