Product: Vernier LabQuest Mini

Product: Vernier LabQuest Mini

www.vernier.comPrice: $149

By Ben Grey

The Vernier LabQuest Mini is a data collection tool that interfaces with Logger Pro software.

Quality and Effectiveness: Vernier adds to their extensive line of data collection solutions with the LabQuest Mini interface. The compact design of the interface allows for easy portability, and the product serves as an excellent solution for environments that do not require a standalone data collection device. The interface connects directly to a computer via USB , and it works with both the Mac and Windows operating systems. The interface is compatible with more than 50 Vernier sensors, and it works with either Logger Pro 3 or with the included Logger Lite software. The interface performed flawlessly during our testing, and the setup was extremely simple and effective, allowing for minimal time spent on experiment setup. This will certainly be welcomed by teachers who have limited lab time, as it allows for more time to be spent on running the actual experiments rather than fussing with unwieldy and complicated equipment setup. From start to finish, it takes less than a minute to get the LabQuest Mini connected and ready for data collection.

Ease of Use: The LabQuest Mini is an extremely easy-touse product. Vernier created the product to easily interface between probes and a computer, and it performs that task simply and flawlessly. There are no unnecessary steps to take to get the interface to work, and using either Logger Lite or Logger Pro 3 made for a very effective data collection experience.

Creative Use of Technology: The LabQuest Mini is designed to be a simple solution for environments that do not need a stand-alone data collection device, and it is an excellent option for such situations. The product is extremely simple to set up and use, and it performs very well at a very reasonable cost.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The LabQuest Mini is an excellent option for the school environment. The unit allows classrooms to make use of over 50 Vernier probes without needing the more expensive stand-alone data collection devices. The interface connects the probes directly to a computer, where the use of either Logger Pro 3 or Logger Lite can collect the data and make use of them in a variety of options. The unit has a list price of $149, and it includes Logger Lite 1.5 software. The unit is USB powered, so there is no need for external power supply when using the product with a USB 2.0 powered computer.

Overall Rating
Vernier has produced an excellent product that will serve many classroom environments well. The LabQuest Mini is an incredibly easy-to-use device, and its plugand- play nature reduces the headache of setup inherent in many data collection products. Students of all ages will have no difficulty using the device, and its cost makes it an appealing option for schools that have computers available to serve as the data collection device. Vernier’s inclusion of Logger Lite software also increases the value of the device, as this allows students access to a powerful data collection and analysis tool.

Top Features
¦ The price of the device.
¦ Extremely easy to set up and use.
¦ The inclusion of Logger Lite software.