Promethean Releases New ActivPanels

Activ Panel Titanium
(Image credit: Promethean)

Promethean® has announced the next-generation of its ActivPanel®.  The new ActivPanel Elements recently won the international Red Dot design award.

The Elements series employs a unified menu to control all apps and settings on the panel, and source switching across connected devices. 

Another feature is Promethean's proprietary new Vellum™ writing technology, which brings together elements of hardware and software to make the writing experience natural and enjoyable. 

Now available in the United States, the ActivPanel Elements series includes Classroom Essential apps. Teachers can use the infinite canvas on the Whiteboard app to supplement lessons. They can also draw, highlight, and annotate over any content from any source with the Annotate app, and add to activities with the customizable Spinner and Timer apps. 

The ActivPanel Elements series also allows secure, multi-device collaboration via screen sharing across the ActivPanel, smartphones, Chromebooks™, tablets and laptops. 

The ActivPanel Elements series includes Promethean's interactive lesson delivery software products. To learn more, visit

The value-focused ActivPanel Nickel is designed to provide teachers with all the essentials they need straight out of the box and without the expense of an additional computing device. The ActivPanel Titanium is ideal for STEAM-based lessons with Bluetooth® onboard for easy connectivity to accessories, robots, lab sensors, and more.