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By Ben Grey

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Psychological Software Solutions’ Review360 GenEd is a Web-based software program designed to support behavior management of general education students.

Quality and Effectiveness

Review 360 is a Web-based behavioral data management system for education. The product provides support and coaching for teachers and administration to specifically address student behavior. In this, the product offers a very nicely focused approach to providing both a data collection and analysis mechanism, as well as an overall professional development and coaching component to assist educational staff better understand student behavior and appropriate responses to potential trouble behaviors. The system provides an incident report tool and a behavior frequency referral tool for a staff to use when monitoring student behavior, professional development modules for staff to help specifically understand problem behaviors and responses to each, and frameworks for establishing a school-wide approach to help focus on improving student behavior.

All components of the system are easy to use, and the professional development module, in particular, would likely be of great interest for many educators. The professional development system presents a wide assortment of 28 student problem behaviors such as bullying, lying, cheating, and fighting. Each module explains the causes of the behavior, provides missteps in dealing with potential behavior, and then lists school-wide, classroom and individual strategies to deal with the behavior. The system can also record if staff have completed specific modules, which may work into specific professional development plans.

The data collection tools allow teachers to report an incident or make a referral about a student, and these data are then included in the classroom and school-wide database for future data analysis. Principals can retrieve the data in a variety of reporting tools, and this can allow for broader trends to be indentified and building-wide goals to be established.

Ease of Use

Review 360 provides a positive user experience as the resources and data tools are well designed and nicely implemented. The various sections of the management suite are clearly labeled in navigation headings, and the data tools, professional development, and suite management are easy to find and explore through the Web-based site architecture. Teachers will find the incident reporting and behavior data collection tool easy to utilize and efficient to complete. Site administrators will quickly and easily run reports and disaggregate data as necessary at any point during a school year. One of the strongest aspects of the site is in the professional development module as many problem behaviors that teachers face on a daily basis are explained with strategies to help students overcome these issues.

Creative Use of Technology

While there isn’t anything particularly unique about Review 360 from a technological standpoint, the product does make good use of current technology to create an effective student behavior management system. The data collection tools are well designed and nicely implemented, and the professional development modules are concise and informative. The potential addition of multimedia integration may help strengthen the product, especially in the professional development module, but the absence of such does not greatly diminish the overall effectiveness of the product.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment

Review 360 was created by two psychologists passionate about helping students, staff, and parents better understand and address student behavior. This passion shows clearly in the final product as it is built with the educational environment in mind, and it provides a useful and effective tool to help schools address specific behaviors of concern.

Overall Rating

Review 360 is a strong product with a very specific focus that allows the potential implementation and utilization to provide a specific, viable solution to schools looking to address student behavior.