Put to the Test: Epson DC-10s

Put to the Test: Epson DC-10s

With the split screen and the stored images in the Epson DC-10s document camera, an instructor can take a sample from the real world and display it on one screen and a stored reference image and display it on another screen. Then students can see how the two compare and contrast. This can be done for samples in science, social studies, and art classes.

Pros: Small size, low price, great image, split screen, 128MB of internal memory (enough for 300 jpg images). SD memory card slot. 3-year warranty.

Cons: Arm could wear in under very heavy use.

Overall Impression: This is an extremely good buy. The ability to compare an object to a standard is a very strong teaching tool. An instructor could even display a standard math problem on one screen and have students solve problems on the other. Or display sample lines of poetry on one screen and compose another poem on the other.

Retail Price: $569

-- Joe Huber