Put to the Test: Epson PowerLite short-throw projector

Put to the Test: Epson PowerLite short-throw projector

The Epson PowerLite short-throw projector can be mounted close to the screen or whiteboard. This means that the instructor will not be walking in front of the projector and casting a shadow on the screen and blocking out important information. In addition the HD quality of the image make in much clearer than other projectors and the 10-watt sound systems is adequate for most standard classrooms.

Pros: The PowerLite can project an 87-inch, 16:10 HD image when just 3.4 feet away from the screen. Excellent image. Networkable. Built in 10-watt sound system.

Cons: The built-in air filter has to be changed. When the filter gets dirty, the projector will stop working. Thus it requires constant maintenance to keep the projector running (this is true for all LCD projectors).

Overall Impression: There are two things about this project that make it attractive. The first is that it can be mounted close to a screen or whiteboard. This will not only prevent shadows, but also reduce installation cost. Since most infrastructure runs in the walls, the closer you can stay to the walls, the less the installation cost will be. The second thing is that since this projector is networkable, it can send service reports and let you know when the bulb is about to go out or when the filter needs cleaning. It can even report if someone has tampered with it. You can shut it off from a remote location or use a time program to make sure all the projectors in the building are turned off at a specific time of day.

Retail price: $1,399.00

-- Joe Huber

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