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Put to the Test: MindPlay RAPS360

Put to the Test: MindPlay RAPS360

MindPlay RAPS is a 100-percent computerized diagnostic reading-assessment program that automatically tests basic reading skills and diagnoses weaknesses in a single student, a classroom, or an entire school population.

Pros: The product does an excellent job of testing all components of a student’s reading phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and grasp of vocabulary-word meaning. It automatically develops an individual learning plan for each student, measures progress to determine if remediation has been successful, determines if appropriate resources are available to assist students who need accelerated progress, sets data-driven goals, and matches timelines to high-stakes testing. It monitors students’ progress continuously throughout the year and allows importing of demographic data.

Cons: Like most assessment programs, the students and staff must be willing to dedicate sufficient professional development and testing time to fully benefit from the program’s many features.Overall evaluation: Most schools are looking for a program that will improve students’ reading; RAPS360 not only does this but does it using a data-driven decision-making process.

Retail price: Price varies by type of installation.