Put to the Test: Revo Uninstaller

Put to the Test: Revo Uninstaller

When programs are removed from computers, parts of the program are often left behind. This is true even if you use the uninstaller that comes with program or windows add/remove programs. These leftover parts can and often do come back to cause problems with the computer later on. Revo uninstall removes all of the hidden parts of the program.

Pros: Product is free, easy to install, and removes not only the main program files but also the parts of the programs that are often left behind like registry entries. Revo does a better job of removing programs than Windows add/remove programs. The product also comes with free tech support. Also, when the program is set in “hunter mode,” one does not have to perform a number of restarts to uninstall a program again saving time, which in turn saves cost.

Cons: None.

Overall Impression: This program will keep computers running at peak performance and reduce maintenance cost.

Retail Price: Free

-- Joe Huber