Put to the Test: TurnItIn WriteCycle

Put to the Test: TurnItIn WriteCycle

TurnItIn WriteCycle is a Web-based solution allows an instructor to create, collect, electronically grade and check writing assignments. The students complete writing assignments and submit them to the teacher electronically.

The teacher can mark up the pages, give feedback on style and grammar, tell them what’s missing and how they can improve—all electronically. Students can then turn the assignment in for second round. The instructor can also check it for plagiarism. The goal is deliver feedback to the student that helps the student become a better writer.

Pros: The product is easy to use and has excellent online training materials in both PDF and Flash format. In the plagiarism check, the program searches Web content for matches to what the student has written. The GradeMark mark up and grading feature of WriteCycle is another nice feature that allows teachers to give frequent and detailed online feedback to the student.

Cons: Because the plagiarism report is so detailed, checking every student paper could be time-consuming. The peer-review part of the system is a good idea, but some students could make inappropriate comments about other students work.

Overall Impression: This product would be good for schools that require writing across the curriculum.

License price: $2/student/year

--Joe Huber

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