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Put to the Test: WizCom ReadingPen TS

Put to the Test: WizCom ReadingPen TS

The WizCom ReadingPen TS personal reading assistant helps students increase comprehension, vocabulary and fluency in English. Users can scan and insert text using the touch screen and virtual keyboard, hear it spoken aloud, and obtain definitions and correct pronunciation within seconds. All looked-up words can be transferred to the PC for further practice. Text can also be uploaded from the PC onto this fully mobile, lightweight “pen,” where it can be read aloud wherever you are.

Pros: The device translates both text and sound. The touch screen allows users to enter text directly into the device. The word list can easily be transferred to a PC.

Cons: It would be nice to have more language options.

Overall evaluation: This is a unique product and a good way to help ESL students in regular classrooms. An ESL student could be given one of these “pens” and could then “read” along in any class. This would also be true for an English-speaking student in a non-English classroom. A good value.

Retail price: Starts at $199.