Reading App Expands Learning Options For Grades 3-8

Mimio has created an iPad app that broadens the ways in which teachers and students can use the MimioReading™ comprehension suite. Designed as a companion to the comprehension suite, the new app offers anytime, anywhere access to interactive lessons on four primary components of comprehension – finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes and main ideas, and learning vocabulary in context.

Schools acquire the app when they purchase the MimioReading comprehension suite. Teachers can have students do MimioReading’s age-appropriate content and activities on iPads in the classroom; they also have the option of activating at-home access for any student. Families who have bought MimioReading for home use can download the app for themselves from the iTunes App Store at no cost.

The app provides access MimioReading’s component programs:

MimioSprout™ Early Readingprovides basic reading skills intervention for students in grade three and above.

MimioReading Individualized Instructionadapts to each student’s learning pace, improving reading comprehension in grades three through five and providing effective intervention for grades five through eight.

MimioReading Group Instructionoffers interactive group activities that can be adapted or edited to meet the needs of multiple students or the entire class in grades three through eight.

MimioStudio™ classroom software automatically integrates the entire MimioClassroom™ family of products