Recommended Software for PC Inventory

Question: BelArc Advisor is a piece of software, free to individuals, that is great for finding out what is on a computer for software and hardware asset tracking (school inventory). Unfortunately, BelArc specifies schools may not use their product for free. Are you aware of any other software like it?

The IT Guy says:
AIDA32 is a freeware application that collects system information and performs much of the functionality that you want. It is possible that the program’s author is no longer keeping it up to date, but it is still available for download at

There are a wide range of commercial as well as shareware options that permit not only system inventory functionality, but also provide advanced functions like distributing software updates or new applications. For a mixed platform environment (that includes Windows PCs as well as Macintosh computers), one of the best choices is NetOctopus.

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