Research using Articles and Videos


Google's Scholar Search allows you to search for abstracts, single articles, and groups of articles. Each search results contains a citation with the title, author's name, and publication data.

  1. Title - links to the abstract or the complete article
  2. Cited by - identifies others that cited this article in group
  3. Library links online - finds an electronic version of the work through your library's resources.
  4. Library links offline - finds libraries that have the book.
  5. Group of - finds other articles in this group that may relate to this work.
  6. Web search - searches the entire Internet for information about this work.
  7. BL - purchase this article from the British Library.

When I search for professional development, many of the articles are older articles but still on topic. Google shared with Google Teacher Educators how education is a priority and that professional development is going to be a focus as they add content and tools.

At Google Video I found some great educational videos to use as best practices. Of course they purchased and are integrating YouTube. This adds cool features allowing users to upload and share videos about reading and literacy.

You can upload your video of any size and any format. Just include the Educational genre and include labels (called tags) to assist others to find your video. Also you can share your link or embed your video into your blog or Web page. Find a video, then click Email-Blog-Post to MySpace. Then copy the source code. If you use this text editor, click View Source on the bottom left and paste the source code of your video. Then you can view your video that is hosted on Google's server.

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