Rochester district updates website with Schoolwires

The Rochester City School District (NY) recently licensed the Centricity solution provided by Schoolwires. The district, which serves 32,000 students, will use the solution in pursuit of its goal of creating a user-friendly, “interactive and engaging website” for community members to find information and resources easily. Tom Petronio, the district’s chief communications officer, explains that the current Web site was created in-house and is difficult to navigate and maintain.

Petronio believes the Centricity solution will help his team “present a clearer and more complete picture of the district,” so that the parents of current students can become more involved and families who are considering enrolling their children in the district’s schools can find all the information they need. Petronio explains that out of all the vendors the district considered, Schoolwires was “the best value in terms of the quality of their product and service, and the cost.”

Centricity is an all-in-one, user-centric solution that incorporates features such as digital file sharing that improve communications between district and school constituents. One of the solution’s features that the Rochester district found to be particularly beneficial is the capability for authorized end users to easily create and update content. This allows teachers to create their own Web pages where they can continually update assignments and provide a means for parents to directly communicate with them.