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Salt Sculpture

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This activity gives instructions for growing salt crystals that can be nurtured to grow in many different directions and shapes. When you add salt to water, the crystals dissolve and the salt goes into solution. When as much salt has been dissolved into a solution as possible, the solution is said to be saturated. But when the salt water begins to cool, there is more salt in solution than is normally possible. The solution is said to be supersaturated. Supersaturation is an unstable state. The salt molecules will begin to crystallize back into a solid at the least provocation.



Create a Salt Sculpture

Learn how to grow salt crystals in many different colors, directions and shapes.When you cook up a batch of salt water, you cook salt, water, and food coloring (if you choose to use it) to an extremely high temperature. At

Making Your Own Salt Piece

This activity provides instructions for making a salt structure that grows spontaneously from a salt solution. Salt crystals form as solutions evaporate and become more concentrated.


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Lightning in Your Mouth

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