San Jose Schools Implement District-Wide Math Program

DreamBox Learning® ( has announced that San Jose Unified School District will implement the DreamBox Learning Math program district-wide in its 26 elementary schools beginning in the 2012-2013 school year. The multi-year contract is part of the district’s OPPORTUNITY21 program dedicated to close the opportunity gap and provide all students with a 21st century education.

“We are very excited to bring DreamBox Learning Math into our program and see the technology playing a pivotal role in the district’s ability to achieve its OPPORTUNITY21 strategy objectives, specifically in the area of students meeting Key Performance Measures for mathematics as defined by the Common Core State Standards,” said Jodi Lax, Manager of Elementary Education at San Jose Unified School District.

Following a 90-day pilot program, DreamBox Learning Math was selected against other competitors based on meeting the following OPPORTUNITY21 criteria:

  • Ensures opportunities and successes for all students;
  • Accelerates and enriches learning for every student;
  • Implements a systematic instructional framework;
  • Implements a comprehensive assessment system that drives instruction; and
  • Implements a rigorous and relevant 21st Century curriculum.

San Jose Unified School District plans to fully deploy DreamBox Learning Math in its Kindergarten through Grade Five classrooms starting in August 2012.