Scrabble with a Twist

  • Each player picks 9 letters
  • There is a four-letter minimum for each word
  • Dictionaries are permitted
  • Students may help each other when necessary.
  • Take a digital photograph of your game board. Print the photo and make four copies.
  • Two students will handle clues and number the words going down while two students do the same for words going across. Clues must be a variety of analogies, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, parts of speech, homophones, fill in the blanks, etc…
  • Type and print out the clues. The group will review and revise them as necessary.
  • Create a table in Microsoft Word outlining the crossword puzzle. Create one blank table and another with answers. Note: to blacken-in an individual cell go to Table — Table Properties and click on the “table†tab. Click on “Borders and Shading†and select black or gray. Be sure to select “Apply to cell,†otherwise the entire table will be black or gray. You’ll have to do this for each cell that is to be ‘a blank.’

Click Here for WORD .doc file: Scrabble Game and Answers

Students were so proud of their work that they decided to print several copies and sell them at graduation as a class fundraiser!

Email: Mariana Monge