Securly Announces Partnerships with Pioneering Schools

Securly, Inc. today announced partnerships with a number of schools that are pioneering innovative education models.

The Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA) is a set of academies – the UK equivalent of charter schools – that has been an early Chromebook adopter and represents the UK's first and largest 1:1 take-home Chromebook deployment. IPACA embraces a "stage, not age" based approach to learning. Classrooms are "super-classes" that emulate collaborative spaces commonly found in companies like Google. Says Gary Spracklen, IPACA Director of Digital Learning and Innovation and member of the UK Government's Educational Technology Action Group: "We looked at a range of web filters, including other Chrome extensions. Nothing came close to Securly though. Securly can filter any device – not just Chromebooks. That was really important for us."

Summit Public Schools is a set of high-performing charter schools in California that was featured in the documentary "Waiting for Superman." Summit is already 1:1 with Chromebooks across all seven of their schools. For the first time this fall, one school will be sending Chromebooks home with students. Securly will filter in-school access to keep Summit CIPA compliant while providing analytics on take-home usage to give school leadership the data they need to make the case for expansion in subsequent years. Says Bryant Wong, CTO of Summit Public Schools: "Securly has been a technology partner in helping Summit achieve its mission. Their web filtering solution, coupled with Google Apps for Education, has allowed the technology team to get deeper and more granular reporting on online student activity, while protecting them from inappropriate web content."

Intrinsic Schools is based out of Chicago and leading the wave of blended learning initiatives across the US. Innovations in Intrinsic's environment include open classrooms and student participation in PTA conferences. Says Marcos Alcozer, Director of Technology at Intrinsic Schools: "We are 1:1 with Chromebooks in a blended model that allows us to meet students where they are and accelerate their growth. We utilize Securly for both on-site and at-home content filtering. Securly allows us to be confident that our students are safe and on-task when working on their devices."

Milpitas Unified School District in the San Francisco Bay Area was an early adopter of cloud-based IT solutions including Google Apps for Education and 1:1 Chromebooks, Meraki Wifi, and Securly. They expect to be 1:1 with Chromebooks across their district of 10,000 students within the next year. Milpitas has been using Securly's at home filtering solution for over two years now and will be using the Learning Analytics offering to measure student engagement on Chromebooks this fall.

The KIPP system is the United States' largest Charter School network. Securly has been serving several of the schools in the KIPP system over the past year.