Setting up your PDAs

What if you or your teachers are new to Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)? There are different types of Personal Digital Assistants from which to choose, including those on smart phones. PalmOS® and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC are the main two operating systems that are used in schools and come standard with four major software applications: the address book, date book, memo pad, and To-Do list. These are handy tools that you can use to manage your life. There are also programs available that you can use with your students.

  • Freeware : free to you, because the developer wants this software available to the handheld community.
  • Shareware : sometimes free or with the option to download a demonstration version. It asks for registration. Sometimes the developers ask for a donation and that is up to you to send to them.
  • Commercial : also gives you the option of downloading a demo (unless otherwise stated as being shippable) or purchasing the full version, but if you get the demo, that is all there is — there will not be a registration code used to unlock it into the complete version. When you pay for the product, you will get the full version immediately.

How to add third party software:

  1. Make sure you installed the desktop organizer software that came with your PDA.
  2. Click on the download button for the product you want.
  3. Click “Save this file to disk.”
  4. Remember what type was in the “Save as type” field.
  5. If the software ends in .pdb, .prc or .exe (PC), click Save.
  6. If the software ends in ‘zip’, you will need to use additional software such as WinZip® for PC or Stuffit® Expander for Mac which might automatically expand the software for you.
  7. Place your PDA in the cradle connected to your computer and press the sync button. The software will upload to your PDA and be available in the All menu

Most of the third party software developers include help or a tutorial on their Website.

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