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Shortcut to Word Tables

You can create tables in Word by just typing out a string of plus minus signs (+) (-)

  • Start the row with a plus sign and then type minus signs until you have the column width you need.
  • To start the second column type a + and then add as many — signs as necessary.
  • If you want to add more columns, just continue that pattern of + and - .
  • Continue until you have the table set up that you want.
  • THEN, end with a plus sign and press Enter.
  • Word then turns this into a table.
  • To add more rows to your table, simply move to the last cell in the table and press Tab.

If this doesn't work for you, make sure your AutoFormat feature in Word is turned on. You will find it under the Tools menu, AutoCorrect, AutoFormat as you type, and select Tabs.

Submitted by: Karen Schmitten
Director, Teaching American History Grant
North Central Educational Service District, WA