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Should students be allowed to use mobile phones in school?

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Source: A recent ASCD SmartBrief ED Pulse poll asked readers if students should be allowed to use their mobile phones at school. 570 participants weighed in.




Yes -- Student Blogs Allowed! promo image

Yes -- Student Blogs Allowed!

The keystroke is mightier than the sword, was the message that social studies teacher Gideon Sanders of Washington, D.C.’s McKinley Technology High School helped send last October.? ?While 200 angry McKinley Tech students took to the streets to protest the loss

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Get Smart About Phones

Although most schools ban smartphones, a handful of innovators have realized that these pocketsized tools are a powerful addition to the classroom.

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I am a principal at an elementary school. This morning, ten minutes after recess, an angry parent came to the office. Apparently her fifth-grade daughter used her cell phone to call and say she was being picked on during recess! How do I deal with this new wrinkle? I am struggling to understand why a parent

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Mobile Computing

It’s hard to imagine being told to leave your device at home and to enter a Wi- Fi-free zone for most of your working day.