SIIA Releases 2012 Guide to the E-rate Program

The Software & Information Industry Association today released an updated guide to the E-rate program in partnership with Funds For Learning.
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The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, today released an updated guide to the E-rate program in partnership with Funds For Learning. The guide will help companies navigate the complex E-rate program during a time when technology use in schools is evolving rapidly, and E-rate demand is outpacing available funding nearly two to one.

Using E-rate funds, libraries and public and private schools receive a 20-90 percent discount for telecommunications services, Internet access, and internal connections technology. Between 1998 and 2010, over $59 billion in E-rate funding has been requested.

The SIIA E-rate Guide will help software and technology companies – and their education customers – manage changes to this ever-evolving program. The Guide provides background information on E-rate rules and eligible services opportunities for software publishers, as well as an analysis of both the current E-rate market and how E-rate funds affect school technology purchases.

Since its inception in 1998, the E-rate program has helped close the digital divide, especially for students in high-poverty and rural communities. However, while demand for E-rate funds has increased by 108 percent from $2.36 billion in 1998 to $4.65 billion in 2011, the available funding has remained nearly the same at $2.25 billion plus inflation starting in 2010.

GUIDE: SIIA’s “Guide to the E-rate” is available in SIIA’s eStore for free to SIIA members and for a fee to other software and technology companies. Visit



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SIIA Releases New Guide to the E-Rate 2.0

Washington, D.C. (June 2, 2015) – The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of SIIA, in partnership with Funds For Learning, announces the release of SIIA’s Guide to the E-rate 2.0. The guide reviews the FCC’s recent E-Rate modernization, including a summary of the significant update to its rules and eligible services, analysis of the evolving E-Rate market, and how the E-Rate affects school technology purchases and planning.

E-rate Requests Surpass $5 Billion for 2012

Funds For Learning announces that requests for discounts on certain communications services increased for the fourth straight year as schools and libraries across the nation sought more than $5 billion in E-rate funds for Funding Year 2012. Anticipating an increased demand for E-rate funds, John Harrington, CEO of Funds For Learning, penned an open letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski requesting that the commission increase the available funding in the E-rate program. Funds For Learning invites E-rate stakeholders and supporters to sign the online petition before it is delivered to the FCC in late 2012.