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SMART Response VE

The SMART Response VE interactive response system is cloud-based software that enables students to respond to questions from their Internet-enabled phones or devices.
Publish date: Retail Price: Starts at $429 per license annually.

The SMART Response VE interactive response system is cloud-based software that enables students to respond to questions from their Internet-enabled phones or devices.

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Quality and Effectiveness: When used with SMART Notebook, SMART Response enables teachers to easily prepare quizzes, tests, and exams or to spontaneously add questions to lessons. All student assessments can be saved in the built-in Teacher Tools grade book, where they can be managed and analyzed according to various criteria, and exported into Excel or text format. SMART Response VE is the latest addition to the SMART Response line-up, enabling students to use mobile devices to respond to teacher questions.

Ease of Use: SMART Response VE is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and is fully incorporated into SMART Notebook software. No student installation is required, so any Internet-ready device can be used instantly. Students simply go to response.smarttech. com, and type in the number that is displayed at the start of the quiz. On-screen links and prompts help students move quickly and easily through an assessment. Helpful hints allow teachers to create questions easily, and tags and keywords can be assigned to students or assessment questions, so that teachers can see at a glance which areas of the assessment caused problems for which students.

Creative Use of Technology: Since SMART Response VE is an online tool, students can use any Internet-ready device to take an assessment, anywhere. This means that a teacher can add as many students to her class as she has Internet-ready devices, and that students can use their own phones, iPods, and eReaders.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: With SMART Response VE, teachers who use SMART Notebook can transition seamlessly between lesson delivery and assessment, even interspersing content pages within the assessment, and students can receive immediate feedback as they interact and stay involved with the lesson.


• SMART Response VE is fully integrated with SMART Notebook software and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.
• The browser-based software provides the flexibility of investing in and using a variety of mobile devices.
• Students can access assessments from anywhere in the world, making SMART Response VE a terrific tool for online learning and homework assignments.

OVERALL RATING: SMART Response VE uses the technology that has proven to keep students engaged and involved in their learning, and gives them a way to respond to lessons using the mobile devices that they use every day.



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SMART Notebook, a standards-aligned collaborative learning tool that operates in conjunction with SMART interactive whiteboards, has now been updated with many new features that offer creative and efficient tools for increased interactivity.

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Responsive Solutions

With all the talk about assessment these days, it’s even more important for teachers to be able to know how their students are doing.

SMART renames Senteo

SMART Technologies announces a new version of the Senteo£ interactive response system, now called SMART Response. The SMART Response system comprises assessment software, handheld clickers (remotes) and a receiver that enables instant responses on quizzes in the classroom. As part