Spotsylvania County Schools fourth VA district to empower students with Naviance Technology

Naviance, the leading provider of measurable student success solutions for K-12 schools and districts, announces its partnership with Spotsylvania County School to provide the district's five high schools with Naviance Succeed®, a platform that helps schools develop multi-year, personalized learning plans. Fueled by the 2009 Board of Education revision mandating personal learning plans for each middle and high school student across the state, Spotsylvania sought a partner to help its students align academic and career goals with their courses of study.

Before Naviance Succeed, many schools approached personalized planning with file folders and printed worksheets. Unfortunately, paper-based processes make it difficult for all stakeholders to take an active role. By harnessing the power of Naviance Succeed, it's easy to develop structured personalized plans that students, families, teachers, administrators, and counselors can access instantly.

"Spotsylvania wanted a partner with a digital platform to streamline the district's individual learning plans," remarked Clay Bond, Vice President of Sales, Naviance. "With Succeed, school staff can compile, analyze and access detailed performance data points from one system to continuously monitor and drive each student's progress."

"Across the country case loads are increasing and student mental health needs are skyrocketing. Therefore, it is crucial that counselors streamline efforts and work smarter," reiterated Linda Binion, Supervisor of School Counseling, Spotsylvania County Schools. "Naviance has allowed our district counselors to provide a higher level of service to staff, students, and their families. Additionally, the data collection tools that Naviance provides have enabled us to work smarter. We now know exactly what areas to focus on when we plan for the upcoming year."

Spotsylvania County School is the fourth Virginia school district to adopt Naviance Succeed. Other school districts using Succeed include Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun.