Sprint to Launch All-New Sprint LTE Chromebook by CTL for Education, Business


Sprint (NYSE: S) is working with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and CTL to create the all-new CTL Chromebook NL7 LTE with Sprint featuring Sprint’s built-in LTE technology. The CTL Chromebook NL7 LTE with Sprint integrates with Google’s G Suite for Education as well as G-Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise editions, and allows users to connect virtually anywhere without the need for a Wi-Fi connection or mobile hotspot. 

With a secure, always-on, high-speed Sprint LTE internet connection, users will have immediate access to email, documents, databases, mobile teleconferencing and more, from virtually any location.

CTL Chromebook NL7 LTE with Sprint for Students

Part of this launch is a CTL Chromebook NL7 LTE with Sprint specially packaged for schools that will connect students with online education resources without the need for Wi-Fi access. Students will have full access to the Internet and all the latest online web and flash-based education tools from virtually anywhere with Sprint LTE. Equipped with a battery designed to last an entire school day, students can browse, explore and create using the CTL Chromebook NL7 LTE with Sprint. Sprint’s LTE connection also keeps students connected, even when Wi-Fi is not available at home allowing them to complete coursework and research outside the classroom. The CTL Chromebook NL7 LTE with Sprint starts at $299 with Sprint’s $15 monthly unlimited LTE data plan.


For more information, visit: https://smallbusiness.sprint.com/chromebook-gives-you-unlimited-opportunities/