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State of IT security in schools examined

Panda Security today issued a report on the current state of IT security in U.S. school systems.
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Panda Security today issued a report on the current state of IT security in U.S. school systems. After conducting a survey of IT managers at K-12 districts around the country, Panda found that 63% have suffered IT security breaches at least twice in the past year.

 Common concerns when it comes to keeping staff and students protected from the threat of malware include:

  • Security issues consume staff time, diverting attention from the business of education – 38% of schools report removing viruses or malware from IT systems a few times a week, and 21% are doing this daily
  • While schools have baseline IT security best practices in place, there is still room for improvement – 90% of schools install anti-virus and/or anti-malware on computers, but nearly 25% fail to use firewalls, block high-risk websites, or employ user authentication.
  • Social media is a top concern for schools, but the stringency of school policy varies greatly – 29% of schools allow students unlimited access to social media sites, while 32% deny students’ access altogether.

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