Step at a Time with Students

Once you have begun using technology for your own purposes, it is time to take the plunge and use the computers in your classroom with your students! Choose something in your curriculum and try doing it a new way.

  • Search for a WebQuest on that particular topic
  • Use eLibrary on My eCoach to find a project that you can use.
  • Find a global project that meets the goals and standards of your curriculum and join.
  • Start a Wiki and have the students research the content. Start one this year and make it better each year by having each group of students add to it.
  • Start a class blog to improve reading and writing.
  • Create a class website (Example: using the Universal builder in eCoach as a lifetime member. Note that there is a one time fee.

The above list may sound overwhelming. However, if you choose just ONE thing that you will try this school year and gradually add to it you will find that technology in your classroom has grown organically and naturally. At first you may just use technology once a week or for a special project during one month. Maybe the next year you will add something else that you want to try and improve the first attempt.

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