Stop Spam and Pop-ups

Question: Is there a free program to stop spam &/or pop-ups?

The IT Guy says:

Yes, a variety of solutions for stopping spam and blocking pop-ups are available. One of the easiest ways to block pop-ups is to use a web browser that allows popup blocking as a preference setting. The free Opera web browser works on Windows as well as Macintosh computers and can block pop-ups. Even faster browser options for Macintosh users that permit pop-up blocking are Safari and Camino. Freeware as well as commercial pop-up blocking software is also available, which can work with Internet Explorer. Use a freeware/shareware website like Tucows and search for "popup blocker."

Stopping spam is not quite as straightforward. Your district can use server software to stop some spam and prevent attachments with suspicious file extensions (like .exe and .bat files) from entering your inbox. For specific ideas and techniques on fighting spam, refer to these articles previously pubished by Technology and Learning: "Maintaining Email Sanity with Rules and Filters" by Wesley Fryer and "How to Fight Spam" by Jeffrey Branzburg.

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