Stopping Floppy Viruses

Question: How can I disable access to the floppy drive for our students? We seem to have a lot of problems with virus-infected disks being brought to school and we want to keep those problems off our computers and network.

The IT Guy says:
Disabling floppy drive access is one way to address the virus problems you describe, but it may not be the best way and is certainly not a panacea. Students can bring files to school on CD or email files to themselves and also bring them onto a computer and into the local area network, even if floppy disk access is not available.

One of the best ways to address this problem is to ensure that updated antivirus software is installed on every computer workstation, and set to automatically scan drives for viruses once they are inserted into the computer.

If you have your heart set on disabling floppy drive access for users, consider purchasing and installing a security software program like Fortres 101.

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