Storytelling 2.0

Question: What web-based tools are available to use for digital storytelling?

The IT Guy says:
The good news about all this Web 2.0 stuff is that there are more options all the time for tools our students can use. Of course, that's the bad news, too—how do you track all the choices?

It turns out a very busy person named Alan Levine created an online resource for a series of workshops that lists (at the time of this writing) 57 different Web 2.0 tools that can be used for digital storytelling. That in itself isn't unusual, of course, but what he did that was different was he took the time to retell the same story with each tool!

The site is at, and is wonderfully comprehensive. In addition to his own oft-retold story, almost all of the titles also include examples of stories told by others. He also has a shorter list at the end of tools that he's tried that weren't successful for one reason or another, so you can see what sites to avoid (at least for now). Be sure to budget a lot of time for exploring!

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