Strategies for Labs or Multiple Computers

When your teachers take their students to the computer lab or use large numbers of computers, there are several strategies that they can adapt to prepare, plan, and implement effective use of computers as part of their curriculum.

  • Prepare students on what will be expected of them in the lab or on the computers before they go there.
  • Demonstrate to the whole class using a projector or computer connected to a TV monitor what they will be doing when they are on the computers.
  • If each student is on his/her own computer, provide clear instructions and possibly written handouts to keep them on task.
  • Try using cooperative learning groups with two to three students on one computer. Students will have clear roles such as keyboard operator and recorder. Rotate roles during the session.
  • With a mini-lab, you can create larger cooperative groups where students take on roles as keyboard operator, recorder, time keeper, editor, etc.
  • Have part of the class use traditional resources (books, printed handouts) and the others use the Internet to do research. Then switch and compare information found from all sources.

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