Study Pad Splash Math

Study Pad Splash Math • Retail Price: Each app is $9.99; free app available for all grades (the free app gives you two chapters to try the app).

The Splash Math series is a complete grade-by-grade curriculum. Each grade can be set up based on the students’ levels, allowing for differentiated instruction. The apps include a homework component for students who have iPads.

Quality and Effectiveness: Splash Math apps are comprehensive math apps that align to the Common Core standards. The app includes a report button, which gives a full report card stating the date and the math topic the child worked on. It also includes an activity log with the student’s attempts, number of correct answers, and accuracy. All five apps have the Common Core standards aligned to each topic and chapter content on their website, which makes it easy for teachers to document the standard they are addressing. Teachers are also given a visual graph that helps them see where students’ strengths and weaknesses are.

Ease of Use: The app does not have a lot of directions to read, which makes it extremely user-friendly. Each app allows up to five students to be tracked on one device. Study Pad’s website provides teachers with each chapter and the Common Core standard for each concept. The app includes email reporting, the ability to back up data for cloud storage, and sound effects. Teachers can also set chapter concepts, level of difficulty, and number of questions.

Creative Use of Technology: Grades 1-3 are set up identically using an aquarium theme and a visual countdown prior to starting the app. Grades 4-5 use a space game theme. Students choose their avatar when they first begin and then choose from three buttons. The control room collects the students’ data from class work and homework. The “Select a mission” function sets the math level for each student and allows teachers to assign homework for the concept. Another nice addition for grades 4 and 5 is the performance summaries. The data show the grade level the student is working on, questions answered, worksheets completed, points earned, and chapters completed.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: These apps would be a perfect addition to grades 1-5. The app can be used for support, Common Core standards, and homework. If a school wants to use the program as a tool for Response to Intervention, the apps can be used in practice mode.


• Aligns to the Common Core standards
• Tracks student data
• Provides one inclusive app for each grade

OVERALL RATING: This is an excellent app to add to any elementary school math program. It is also wonderful for special needs classes that have students who are on low levels but need the visuals to assist them with learning more difficult concepts.