Support for implementation of Common Core State Standards

Although more than 40 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards, many districts are unprepared for the implementation of the Common Core Assessments during the 2014-15 school year. Key Math Strategists, a new professional development organization from Key Curriculum Press launching today at the 2011 NCSM Annual Conference, is designed to help schools understand and gain maximum benefit from the integration of the Common Core State Standards.

“The principles that are central to the Common Core State Standards echo the approach Key Curriculum Press has championed for decades,” said Jim Ryan, vice president of educational services for Key Math Strategists. “This valuable experience makes our team of instructional leaders uniquely suited to help urban, rural and suburban districts throughout the country implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.”

Key Math Strategists’ data-driven, tailored professional development programs start in the classroom. The organization begins with a complimentary and thorough assessment of a district’s math program, including students, teachers, professional development, and classroom data. After reviewing the math program, Key Math Strategists partners with the district to develop a comprehensive, integrated and strategic professional development program designed to deliver results and provide valuable resources for teachers and administrators.

Professional development by Key Math Strategists incorporates face-to-face workshops, on-site and virtual coaching, student curriculum, and moderated online courses. No matter the format, all professional development is grounded in the Common Core State Standards, and helps teachers implement the Standards for Mathematical Practice as well as the new learning trajectories. Additional topics include differentiated instruction, intervention, formative assessment, and reflective lesson planning.