Support Tech Sues School District

An employee of the Bethlehem (PA) Area School District has sued the district, claiming it has violated the state’s whistle-blower law and is seeking more than $50,000 in compensation.

Linda Majer-Davis, a support technician, filed the suit in early December. The plaintiff claims that she spoke with Superintendent Joseph Lewis and former Associate Superintendent Robert Gross about her immediate supervisor, Director of Information Technologies Robin Lutcher, and about 70 to 100 Apple laptops that she believed were missing.

Majer-Davis also spoke at a January board meeting about other wrongdoing and waste she allegedly uncovered. Since that time, Majer-Davis claims she has received adverse performance reviews and letters of reprimand on a regular basis, as well as ridicule and scorn from other IT department employees.

She is a defendant in a related case, charged with illegally recording a confidential meeting with school administrators last fall, which is a felony. According to court papers, the district learned of her recording in January and seized her laptop, downloaded the file, and turned it over to police. Majer-Davis was suspended for one week without pay in March and was charged with intercepting communications. The case is scheduled to go to trial next year.