Supporting Teacher Leaders

Nearly one-third of the teaching staff at our elementary school retired last spring. Some say it’s likely that one-half of the new hires will leave within five years. We’ve agreed to work together to support these new teachers, but we need some resources to figure out what we’re doing. Can you recommend anything?

Although it’s commendable that veteran staff members are willing to work with you to help the new teachers, they may find that it’s more difficult to do than they imagined. Limited training in how to act as a mentor and time constraints are especially tough to overcome. There is a new online project that you and your teacher leaders may find enormously helpful. Sponsored by the Center for Teacher Quality, the purpose of the Teacher Leaders Network is to support teacher leadership using the Internet.

Actual membership is currently limited to teachers in 18 states, but the site offers a myriad of resources to all visitors. You will be able to read online discussions and blogs, sign up for a free E-newsletter, access articles, and more.

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