Target Teach Aids Oklahoma Students

Washington Elementary in Sapulpa, OK, went from the district’s worst-performing school to a Blue Ribbon School in the span of three years.

Working with Evans Newton, Inc. Sapulpa School District implemented a school improvement program that featured Target Teach Assessment and iTARGETTEACH. Each program focuses on a variety of strategies, including assessing the school’s curriculum against state standards, realigning the curriculum, coaching teachers in instructional strategies to meet state mandates, and focusing on the learning process to make sure students grasp the prerequisite fundamentals.
Within one year, Washington Elementary had the highest Academic Performance Index (API) score in math and the second-highest API score in reading of all district schools. Scores among fifth-graders rose by 39 percent for reading and 34 percent for math. Scores for third-graders increased 113 percent in reading and 82 percent in math.
In September 2008, Washington was named as a Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education.

Components of iTARGETTEACH include a resource manager to enter and retrieve resource information, a testing engine to create and deliver tests, a lesson planning tool, and a calendar tool to create and distribute pacing guides for teachers to follow.