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Teacher Confidence in Use of Technology

Mark Anderson of the ICT Evangelist blog wrote recently that one of his favorite waysto support colleagues is through the use of Digital Leaders.
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Mark Anderson of the ICT Evangelist blog wrote recently that one of his favorite ways to support colleagues is through the use of Digital Leaders. He writes that their nonconfrontational and supportive training is the perfect recipe for helping educators. In researching these conclusions, he came across a piece of writing by Mandinach & Cline in which they talked about various stages of confidence related to technology and turned it into the following flow chart:

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I read about a principal who used an email listserv to contact parents during the recent fires in California. This sounds like a communication tool I'd like to try. Is it difficult to get started and am I too late for this school year? A listserv is basically a collection of email addresses that allows you to

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Technology is the darling of the moment. The unprecedented, exponential growth of technology has changed the world as we know it, and its impact on every aspect of society is, as of yet, impossible to measure. In the field of education the influence of technology is ever increasing as school districts and even

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The late Dana Atchley was a performer, an artist, and a storyteller. In conjunction with producer/friend Joe Lambert, he created powerful performance pieces that combined his voice and his insights with old photos, film footage, and anecdotes from his childhood. The result was a multimedia autobiography that was

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Four school districts in Georgia recently completed a project funded by the Georgia Power Foundation to help them enhance their use of web-based tools to streamline and align processes including the management of meetings, strategic plans, policies, leadership evaluations, and communications.

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A popular and long-standing marketing slogan exhorts potential athletes (and customers) to “just do it.” While arguably not a model for decision-making on matters of great importance, it is worth contemplating whether the underlying philosophy of that phrase might not be the best approach for teacher technology