Teachers Provided Access to TCI’s Digital Social Studies and Science Curriculums During COVID-19 Crisis

Mother and father hold two girls on their laps while viewing a laptop computer.
(Image credit: iStock/Christopher Futcher)

K-12 publishing company, TCI, announced today free digital access to its platform for learning social studies and science to qualified schools and teachers until the end of the school year. 

Available on a digital platform, TCI’s programs allow teachers to deliver interactive lessons from any device – their laptop or tablet. 

The company’s elementary program, Social Studies Alive! teaches students about the world around them and how cultures were created through activities and lessons, while its middle school program, History Alive! provides multi-faceted social studies learning experience.

TCI lessons start with an Essential Question and incorporate graphic notetaking, groupwork, and step-by-step discovery. In TCI’s online social studies curriculum, high school students complete collaborative projects, writing assignments, and critical-thinking challenges as they explore topics such as geography, world history, American history and government, and economics. 

The company’s Bring Science Alive! programs for elementary and middle school students  introduce students to the power of gravity, how plants and animals can impact their environments and other big picture concepts. Students learn how to “do science," rather than memorize facts. Many of the integrated experiments and activities  can be implemented by students in a home-learning environment. 

TCI has also developed a resource page to help support teachers with free videos, guides and FAQs. For more information, visit https://www.teachtci.com/online-teaching-during-coronavirus-outbreak/.