Teachers Use Cisco Video Solutions To Energize Learning

“When technology meets learning, dynamic learning societies are formed, and great things happen to students, to communities, and to societies,” says Michael Stevenson, vice president, Global Education at Cisco. “It is through these societies that we see advancements in science, business, and culture.”

Cisco® video solutions give educators the ability to redefine learning experiences and engage, equip, and empower students. At Global Technology Preparatory School in East Harlem, New York, most students arrive early to take advantage of the technology during their free time. At Jefferson Parish in Louisiana, the integration of technology is fostering creative teaching. In California, Oaks Christian School is combining social video, digital signage, and IPTV systems to keep students participating and well informed.

The recently introduced Cisco Video- Enabled Teaching and Learning Solution represents a new milestone for collaborative learning environments. “The technology lets teachers and students access video content across the network, creating highly secure video communities where ideas and expertise can be shared–while increasing major administrative, operational, and energy efficiencies,” says Frank Florence, senior director, Industry Solutions and Marketing at Cisco. Combined with Cisco’s existing portfolio of video-based solutions, the new solution helps inspire students within traditional classrooms and reaches out to include remote and virtual classrooms.

The solution includes a broad range of products: Cisco Show and Share provides anytime, anywhere viewing of video instruction or content on any device. Students can easily search for content of interest and share their comments. The Media Experience Engine is also enabling the advancement of innovative speech-totext capabilities that will help future generations of students, including those with learning disabilities or English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Cisco TelePresence™ systems and Cisco WebEx™ web-based collaboration tools help educators use video to extend the reach of education to housebound students or remote high-definition video classrooms.


“This generation is all about personalizing themselves, and you can see it in their web pages, their Facebook profiles, and everything they do,” says Chrystina Russell, principal of Global Tech. “Video brings that personalization to their assignments, and Cisco has helped our teachers turn their ideas into highly effective learning tools.”

Other districts are seeing similar excitement growing in classrooms when video is used. Colleen Winkler, a teacher at Riverdale High School in Jefferson Parish says “It’s building a community of learners that possibly would not have evolved without the technology.”

Oaks Christian School worked with Cisco to introduce a multimedia solution that could extend into the classroom. Cisco Digital Media solutions, including video multicasting, digital signage, and Show and Share for both of the school’s campuses, are making information more interesting to students.


Cisco’s extensive portfolio of video-enabled solutions for education enables teachers to engage students today while preparing them for the future. By better aligning the learning environment to the way students learn, schools motivate lifelong learning and reach new learners outside of the traditional classroom walls.

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