Teachscape Reflect Live

Teachscape Reflect Live

www.teachscape.com Pricing: The annual per user software license for Teachscape Reflect Live is $55 for one to 49 users; the per user license decreases as the number of users increase.

Teachscape Reflect Live is an observation management and reporting system with which observers can schedule classroom observations, collect and organize the observation data, and then store the data on one secure platform.

Quality and Effectiveness: Teachscape Reflect Live is a technology-enabled tool that streamlines the entire teacher observation process, from the time that an observation is scheduled, to the analysis and recommendation for improvement. It can be used during scheduled and unscheduled observations, and allows the teacher and administrator to work together toward a balanced and thorough evaluation of the teacher’s strengths. Districts can track teaching performance and identify trends of individual teachers, and selected groups, allowing them to target professional development. When used in conjunction with Teachscape’s other evaluation and observation products—the Framework for Teaching Proficiency System, Teachscape Reflect Video, and Teachscape Walk—it creates a comprehensive set of tools that support professional development, strengthen teaching practice, and provide for measurable, efficient, and consistent evaluations.

Ease of Use: Although the forms are complex and the evaluation tools are quite thorough, learning materials with pictured examples and videos are built into the program, making the process simple. Ideally, the format does require that teacher materials be submitted in digital form, which requires some technological expertise on the part of the teacher.

Creative Use of Technology: This efficient observation management and reporting system allows schools to move from cumbersome paper forms to an online process by which they can schedule classroom observations, collect and organize observation data, align evidence with a framework, and then store it on one secure platform. Teachers and administrators can access and work with the data 24/7 from any online access point, within or outside of school.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Since it is Internet-based and requires no installation, Reflect Live can be used with a district’s existing hardware, and allows teachers and administrators to make use of any handheld devices. Along with the other Reflect evaluation tools, Teachscape Reflect Live is aligned to the rigorous Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching, and supports the Annual Professional Performance Appraisals that are mandated in many Districts.


• Teachscape Reflect Live software enables schools to improve the organization and efficiency of classroom observations, and to make all data accessible to relevant parties at any time.
Reflect Live provides a much-needed tool that ensures that classroom observers can conduct objective, accurate, consistent, and defendable assessments of teacher practice.
• Data and feedback can provide a strong foundation for professional development and teacher reflection.

OVERALL RATING:By streamlining the observation process from planning to analysis, Reflect Live simplifies the teacher evaluation process, and provides a rich source of data with which teachers and administrators can plan professional development and personal improvement.