Tech & Learning's Best of 2022 Primary Education (Grades K-8)

Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022
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Congratulations to the following Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022 winners in the category of "Primary Education (Grades K-8)": 

Best of 2022 Primary Education (Grades K-8)


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Acadience Learning Acadience Learning Online (opens in new tab)
Acadience Learning Online allows educators to administer measures online through a touch-screen device or manually enter results and receive immediate, actionable data through an interactive dashboard. The T&L judges called it a great assessment tool, adding, “Teachers and students can quickly see their data from assessments and correct misunderstandings in real time.”

Acer Chromebook spin 511

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Acer Chromebook Spin 511 R753T (opens in new tab)
The Chromebook Spin 511 R753T features a convertible design with 360-degree hinges and a 11.6-inch IPS Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass touch display. It features the latest Intel Celeron processors, Intel Wi-Fi 6, and a 12-hour battery life. The judges said, “Overall, a well-built and reliable device with good features and specs.”


Amplify Boost Reading

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Amplify Boost Reading (opens in new tab)
Boost Reading (formerly Amplify Reading) is a Science of Reading-based personalized learning program for grades K-5 that leverages storytelling to engage students in reading instruction and practice—whether they are just learning to read or mastering comprehension of higher-level texts. The judges called this a good product, saying, “The developers approach seems very solid.”

Amplify mClass Lectura

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Amplify mClass Lectura (opens in new tab)
mCLASS Lectura is a Spanish literacy universal screening, dyslexia screening, and progress monitoring assessment system for K-6 that allows teachers to connect with their Spanish-speaking students. T&L judges called it, “A very effective and comprehensive tool that will allow teachers and students to achieve their goals with English language acquisition and assessment.”

Avantis Education Eduverse Expeditions

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Avantis Education Eduverse Expeditions (opens in new tab)
Eduverse Expeditions is a virtual/augmented reality platform that allows schools to take students on virtual field trips to famous locations and is supported by thousands of free resources, including 360-degree photos and videos, 3D models, educator resources, and lesson plans.  “Definitely a tool every teacher needs in the classroom,” said the judges.

AVer Information DL30 AI Auto Tracking Classroom Camera

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AVer Information DL30 AI Auto Tracking Classroom Camera (opens in new tab)
The DL30 is a distance learning and classroom lesson capture camera that automatically tracks teachers as they move around the room. It’s compatible with platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. “This camera is very slick and has both an Ethernet and HDMI output for streaming High Definition video and audio,” said one judge.

AVer Information M5 Document Camera

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AVer Information M5 Document Camera (opens in new tab)
This is a plug-n-play document camera for both the classroom and home use, featuring an 8MP camera, Ultra High Definition resolution, frame rates up to 60FPS, and a 360° swivel camera head. The judges praised it as a solid document camera with great optics and peer-to-peer connectivity, calling it, “An amazing presentation tool.”

AVer Information VB130 All-in-One Classroom Collaboration Camera

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AVer Information VB130 All-in-One Classroom Collaboration Camera (opens in new tab)
The VB130 is a hybrid learning and collaboration tool that combines 4K video with a built-in soundbar and microphone, and features AI tracking, 4X zoom, and USB connectivity. “This AVer video bar is amazing!” said the judges, adding it is big enough to fit on an interactive whiteboard and yet small enough to mount on a laptop.

Benchmark Education Company Authentic Voices Library

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Benchmark Education Company Authentic Voices Library (opens in new tab)
The Authentic Voices Library features hundreds of original, culturally inclusive books that ensure that all students see their stories and perspectives represented in the books they read. The judges found it especially valuable that the texts were written by authors who brought their personal experiences to the page which provides truly authentic, real-world experiences.

Benchmark Education Company Authentic Voices Library en Espanol

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Benchmark Education Company Authentic Voices Library en Espanol (opens in new tab)
Authentic Voices Library en Español builds content knowledge by enriching instruction and opening a lens of cultural relevance and social-emotional learning. The judges called it an awesome resource meeting an immediate need, adding, “Excited to see diverse literature offering all students the opportunity to learn and connect with valuable perspectives.”

Benchmark Education Company Adelante

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Benchmark Education Company Adelante (opens in new tab)
Benchmark Adelante a K-6 standards-based, core SLA program that provides a cohesive framework for the development of literacy skills and content knowledge. “Quality Tier 1 SLA instruction is highly sought after and Benchmark Adelante offers a great resource for teachers to utilize for instruction,” said T&L’s judges.

Benchmark Education Company Advance

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Benchmark Education Company Advance (opens in new tab)
Benchmark Advance is a K-6 standards-based framework that reflects scientific evidence (science of reading) about how children learn to read and expand their proficiency in phonological awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The judges called it, “A great product with ELA instruction that offers the tools to build lessons that encourage in-depth conversations.”

Benchmark Education Company Hello!

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Benchmark Education Company Hello! (opens in new tab)
Benchmark Hello! is a comprehensive eight-week program that promotes newcomers’ conceptual, procedural, and linguistic knowledge, and equips them with essential oral language from Day 1 while supporting their social-emotional needs. The judges hailed it as a great eight-week programing and liked the teaching tips and the home school connection provided.

Benchmark Education Company Phonics

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Benchmark Education Company Phonics (opens in new tab)
Benchmark Phonics is a K-5 comprehensive phonics program developed by Wiley Blevins and aligned to Science of Reading research to ensure mastery, make phonics meaningful, and deliver differentiated professional learning. “This program offers educators and students a great solution to this high need within the classroom with daily lessons, digital resources, and professional learning opportunities,” said the judges.

Benchmark Education Company Phonics Intervention

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Benchmark Education Company Phonics Intervention (opens in new tab)
Benchmark Phonics Intervention offers intensive phonics intervention for Tier 3 students. All materials are available digitally, including ebooks that are equipped with highlighting, adjustable-speed read-aloud audio, and other tools for customization that support learning. The judges called this “a great product offering intensive phonics intervention for Tier 3 students.”

Benchmark Education Company Represent

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Benchmark Education Company Represent (opens in new tab)
Represent is a new collection of more than 200 fiction and nonfiction texts featuring community stories, histories, and experiences that promote multiple perspectives, critical thinking, and knowledge building for students in grades K-6. The judges said, “By offering these texts every student sees authentic texts with diverse perspectives in ELA, science, and social studies.”

BenQ Board RP03

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BenQ BenQ Education RP03 BenQ Board (opens in new tab)
BenQ Board RP03 smart board features include single sign-on, cloud access, screen sharing, split-screen, screen recording, annotation tools, and a germ-resistant interactive display. The judges called it a good product for schools, with one adding, “I really like that teachers can save time by securely accessing their files by simply using an NFC card.”

Boxlight Attention!

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Boxlight Attention! Primary (opens in new tab)
FrontRow by Boxlight’s Attention! is an integrated audio-visual messaging and alerting system solution that combines campus-wide bells, paging, intercom, and emergency communication platform with cloud management and  interactive displays. The judges called it, “An incredible way to communicate to all users with a video or audio message quickly. Administrators have quick access to get messages out in a hurry!”

Boxlight CleverLive

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Boxlight CleverLive Primary (opens in new tab)
CleverLive digital signage is a cloud content management platform that keeps everyone on campus informed by broadcasting announcements, messages, and alerts, and includes hundreds of premade templates for personalization. The judges called it a great product, adding, “The features that make it easy to share and display content are really nice, especially the mobile features.”

Boxlight EOS Education PD

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Boxlight EOS Education PD Primary (opens in new tab)
EOS Education by Boxlight provides professional development services to districts, schools, and other education-focused organizations based on three fundamentals: teacher motivation, teacher effectiveness, and purposeful engagement. “Overall, this is a very good tool with the facetime that is such an issue with on-demand training, which seems to be the way of the future.”

Boxlight MimioPro 4

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Boxlight MimioPro 4 Primary (opens in new tab)
The MimioPro 4 interactive display’s features include USB-C with charging and hardware optimization, anti-glare glass, four customizable user profiles, and a selection of educational software and apps for teacher and student use. “This product allows for increased engagement and interactivity in classrooms,” said the judges.

Boxlight Robo 3D Printers

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Boxlight Robo 3D Printers Primary (opens in new tab)
Robo 3D printers are turnkey and ready to use right out of the box, are WiFi and hotspot enabled for Chromebook and iPad, and include  access to the MyStemKits library of standards-driven 3D-printable STEAM curriculum for K-12. Said the judges: “These printers are the perfect solution for STEM education at all levels”


(Image credit: Classlink)

Classlink Classlink (opens in new tab)
ClassLink is a global provider of education products, including apps and files with single sign-on and that streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. It is used by 18 million students and staff in more than 2,400 school systems. The judges called it, “A good value for the money.”

CTL Chromebook NL72T

(Image credit: CTL)

CTL CTL Chromebook NL72T (opens in new tab)
The CTL Chromebook NL72T is a 360 convertible 2-in-1 that can be used in tablet or laptop mode, and is equipped with Intel's N4500 CPU running at 2.8GHz, 4GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage. The judges praised it overall as a solid device, adding, “It has good specs at a nice price point.”

i-Ready screenshot

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Curriculum Associates i-Ready (opens in new tab)
Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Assessment and Personalized Instruction help to provide personalized and relevant instruction by combining assessments and insights with instruction in K-8 reading and mathematics. The judges called it “a great product,” adding, “The addition of serving Spanish-speaking students will be a nice piece for many school districts.”

Discovery Education DoodleMath

(Image credit: Discovery Education )

Discovery Education DoodleMath (opens in new tab)
DoodleMath is an interactive math app for ages 4-14 designed to be used for just 10 minutes per day to double a child’s rate of progression in math. “Adaptive practice, a variety of question stems, and interactive tools create good learning opportunities,” said the judges. “The student tutorial is great.”

Discovery Education Mystery Science

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Discovery Education Mystery Science (opens in new tab)
Mystery Science is a digital K-5 multimedia science and STEM curriculum resource that features science lessons, interactive videos, discussion prompts and labs with simple science supplies. "It is a definitively useful teaching tool, humanizing the classroom and allowing kids to work with it outside the classroom," said Tech & Learning judges. "It has clear instructions and interesting elements."

Edlio K-12 Communication and Payments Suite

(Image credit: Edlio )

Edlio Edlio K-12 Communication and Payments Suite (opens in new tab)
The Edlio Website CMS provides a website management platform with tools including school news, custom forms, Google and Office365 Integration, notifications, a social media manager, teacher pages, and more. T&L’s judges said: “Being able to post to a variety of communication channels, in multiple languages, and collect payments with ease, makes this a solid solution.”

Edmentum Exact Path

(Image credit: Edmentum )

Edmentum Edmentum Exact Path (opens in new tab)
Exact Path is a mobile-optimized K-12 math, reading, and language arts program that combines adaptive diagnostic assessments with individualized learning paths for students. One T&L judge said, “I like that students are directed to repeat learning until they demonstrate mastery of the learning objectives.”

Edpuzzle for Primary

(Image credit: Edpuzzle )

Edpuzzle Edpuzzle for Primary (opens in new tab)
Edpuzzle is an educational technology solution that allows teachers to choose from ready-to-go videos including state standards aligned Edpuzzle Originals, videos from YouTube, content created by other teachers, or record their own videos. “I like that students get immediate feedback in multiple-choice quizzes,” said one judge. “Even for the youngest learners, this tool is valuable.”

EveryDay Labs EveryDay Pro

(Image credit: EveryDay Labs)

EveryDay Labs EveryDay Pro (opens in new tab)
EveryDay Pro is an all-in-one solution for analyzing attendance patterns and trends and addressing challenges at the district, school, and student level. The judges called Everyday Pro “highly valuable,” adding. “This offers educators the ability to strategically track attendance patterns and trends and quickly find solutions across district trends to improve student attendance with intervention plans.”

Forward Edge

(Image credit: Forward Edge)

Forward Edge Forward Edge (opens in new tab)
Edge•U is an instruction-focused professional learning system that adapts to the needs of educators, builds teacher capacity, and directly impacts student learning by offering concise, just-in-time professional learning opportunities “Edge•U is an excellent professional development and digital badging solution for all grade levels,” said the judges.

Frontline Education Frontline School Health Management with Disease Case Functionality

(Image credit: Frontline Education)

Frontline Education Frontline School Health Management with Disease Case Functionality (opens in new tab)
Frontline School Health Management with new Disease Case Management functionality helps districts keep students and staff safe with health checks, test results, vaccine tracking, case management, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine data, and statistics for more than 30 communicable diseases. The judges said, “If you have the funds, it is a good resource.”


(Image credit: GoSchoolBox )

GoSchoolBox Academic Support Management & Accountability (opens in new tab)
GoSchoolBox supports learning management teams with web-based tutoring and academic support management software, providing the ability to manage tutoring support options (in-person, online, one-to-one, group), evaluate academic outcomes, and provide customized Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. The judges called it “a great solution” and “a great way to maximize school time, resources, and people.”

GZM Classroom

(Image credit: GZM Classroom)

GZM Shows (Gen-Z Media) GZM Classroom (opens in new tab)
Gen-Z Media creates free podcasts and support resources that have been integrated into thousands of schools across North America to help facilitate better learning. “For a free resource, GZM Classroom is very good,” said the judges. “The site is easy to navigate and I like some of their live interactive opportunities.”

HMH Waggle

(Image credit: HMH)

HMH Waggle (opens in new tab)
Waggle is a supplemental learning solution for grades K-8 ELA and Math that provides personalized practice and instruction to support skills diversity for in-class centers, independent practice, or remote learning. The judges said, “Waggle’s tiered approach is ideal for remote, independent, and small group learning.”

Impero Software Impero Classroom

(Image credit: Impero Software)

Impero Software Impero Classroom (opens in new tab)
Impero Classroom is a holistic, scalable classroom management software designed to support five different operating systems: Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, iOS, and Android, and allows teachers to safely use sites such as Google and YouTube. T&L’s judges said, “This is a great product for classroom management and offers many solutions to a growing problem.”

John Jones Media Johnnie Max

(Image credit: John Jones Media )

John Jones Media Johnnie Max (opens in new tab)
Johnnie Max is a supplemental, interactive online literacy program for PreK-K teachers and learners, offering interactive ebooks, vocab games, SEL focus, videos, and hands-on activities that align with states’ academic standards. “Looks like an awesome literacy and early learning program!” said the judges.

PreK-6 Literacy Instruction by Learning Ally

(Image credit: Learning Ally)

Learning Ally PreK-6 Literacy Instruction by Learning Ally (opens in new tab)
Professional learning courseware (online and on demand) for early childhood educators with Master Teachers featuring evidence-based methodologies grounded in the science of reading and brain-based learning practices. The framework is a combination of professional learning workshops and collaborative communities of practice, with an option for individual coaching. EasyTech

(Image credit: ) EasyTech (opens in new tab)
EasyTech provides blended learning curricula and a library of more than 1,000 learning experiences, including classroom lesson plans for teacher-led discussions and hands-on activities, as well as self-paced, online videos, and more. The judges called it, “a robust technology education curriculum,” adding it offers students the ability to learn important technology skills.

Lightbox Learning Lightbox Subscription

(Image credit: Lightbox Learning)

Lightbox Learning Lightbox Subscription (opens in new tab)
Lightbox is a digital curriculum learning solution for K-12 with more than 1,200 titles that combine text, audio, videos, weblinks, slideshows, activities, Google maps, and transparencies in a single intuitive, easy-to-use interface. T&L judges: “Great way to help students connect with background knowledge, interact with content, and fall in love with reading. 

Lightspeed Systems Lightspeed Alert

(Image credit: Lightspeed Systems )

Lightspeed Systems Lightspeed Alert (opens in new tab)
Lightspeed Alert is an at-risk student identification solution that monitors and analyzes online activity for signs of self-harm, violence, and bullying supported 24/7/265 by a team of experienced professionals. “With its full feature set and the ability to secure BYOD devices this is a winner,” said Tech & Learning’s judges.

Lightspeed Systems Lightspeed Digital Insight

(Image credit: Lightspeed Systems )

Lightspeed Systems Lightspeed Digital Insight (opens in new tab)
Lightspeed Digital Insight (formerly Lightspeed Analytics) empowers instructional technology leaders with a single view of district edtech usage to understand and act on approvals, cost management, and impact. The judges said, “With the combination of Catch-on and Lightspeed technologies, this is a feature rich and powerful solution.”

Lightspeed Systems Lightspeed Filter

(Image credit: Lightspeed Systems )

Lightspeed Systems Lightspeed Filter (opens in new tab)
Lightspeed Filter is a K-12 filtering solution that gives districts flexibility and control to promote safe digital learning by managing internet security and protecting students from harmful content, including YouTube controls, a decades-long domain database, and CIPA compliance. “The filter has a great set of features and technologies and the interfaces are very intuitive,” said the judges.

Magic EdTech MagicBox Platform

(Image credit: Magic EdTech )

Magic EdTech MagicBox Platform (opens in new tab)
MagicBox is a SaaS-based, cloud-hosted, end-to-end digital publishing platform to create, manage, enrich, and deliver digital content through their custom-branded web and mobile apps. “Looks like a great tool for creating a learning hub unique to each user's organization,” said our judges. “It offers a wide variety of solutions for a variety of entities.”


(Image credit: ManagedMethods)

Managed Methods Inc. ManagedMethods (opens in new tab)
ManagedMethods is a Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cybersecurity, student safety, and compliance platform for K-12 school districts.that monitors district email, file sharing, chat, and video apps. The judges called it an extra layer of security districts can greatly benefit from, adding, “Districts can save time and know they are safer than before.”

MIND Research Institute

(Image credit: MIND Research Institute )

MIND Research Institute MIND Research Institute (opens in new tab)
ST Math is a PreK-8 visual instructional program that provides students with equitable access to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem-solving, and formative feedback. “I have used the program before and it is an excellent source of problem-solving strategies for children. Love it!” said one judge. 


(Image credit: MobileMind)

MobileMind MobileMind (opens in new tab)
MobileMind is a professional development platform that facilitates district-scaled, sustainable, personalized learning while engaging educators in gamified, self-paced micro-courses. The judges praised its hands-on approach, adding, “It also includes a great tool that helps while learning and walks you through step-by-step instructions on other sites.”


(Image credit: MobyMax)

MobyMax MobyMax (opens in new tab)
MobyMax offers K-8 curricula for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep. It features a differentiated, adaptive, and personalized learning approach. The judges called it a good piece of software for skill practice that wIll help a population of learners.

n2y News2You

(Image credit: n2y)

n2y News2You (opens in new tab)
News2you is a weekly, age-respectful online newspaper that connects students to the world and provides accompanying activities and informational text to build literacy and communication skills, plus help students meet ELA standards and communicate. The judges called it, “A great way to offer students a weekly magazine for learning, fun, games, and more learning.”

n2y Unique Learning System

(Image credit: n2y Unique Learning System)

n2y Unique Learning System (opens in new tab)
Unique Learning System is an online solution developed to help learners achieve their state’s extended standards, offering differentiated interactive lessons, detailed lesson plans, standards alignment, assessments, progress monitoring, reporting, and research-based teaching strategies. “It looks like a very valuable tool for both special education and general education,” said T&L’s judges.

Newline Interactive

(Image credit: Newline Interactive)

Newline Interactive Newline Q Series (opens in new tab)
The new Q series is an interactive flat panel that features include an Android 11-based operating system, a built-in WiFi 6 module, USB Type C connectivity with 65 watts of power, embedded 20-watt 2.0 channel speakers, and antimicrobial, anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective glass. The judges said, “This looks like a great product and solution for classrooms.”


(Image credit: Otus)

Otus Otus (opens in new tab)
Otus is an all-in-one K-12 platform with integrated tools to gather, visualize, and act on student growth data, and includes grading, assessments, progress monitoring, data storage, and more. “Otus makes every step of the learning process more efficient for teachers, administrators, students, and families by using their portals that integrate everything,” said the judges.

Ozobot Evo

(Image credit: Ozobot )

Ozobot, Ozobot Evo (opens in new tab)
Evo is a one-inch Bluetooth robot that helps students learn to code, develop computer science and STEAM skills, and play games through both screen and screen-free activities. The judges praised it as great for all ages, adding, “This is a wonderful product for teaching coding both online and offline.”

Presence Kanga

(Image credit: Presence)

Presence Kanga (opens in new tab)
Kanga is used by clinicians to deliver speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral and mental health services, and assessments to students either in-person or remotely. “In a time of great need this tool offers clinicians the availability to offer services to a variety of students remotely,” said the judges, adding, “Kanga helps to keep everything in one place.”


(Image credit: Promethean)

Promethean Promethean (opens in new tab)
Promethean’s all-new ActivPanel is an interactive display that features secure sign-in options, streamlined connection to content, flexible lesson delivery software, and personalized user experience. Teachers can record lessons, including classroom voices and panel content, to share with remote and absent students through any platform. Tech & Learning’s judges: “Overall, it is a very innovative product.”

Fastbridge by Renaissance

(Image credit: Renaissance)

Renaissance Fastbridge by Renaissance (opens in new tab)
FastBridge by Renaissance is a K-12 research-based universal screening and progress monitoring solution to assess reading, math, and social-emotional behavior in a single platform with intervention recommendations. “This product provides timely solutions for school districts who need to assess student performance and social and emotional behaviors,” said the judges, who also praised its comprehensive reporting.

Renaissance Freckle

(Image credit: Renaissance)

Renaissance Freckle (opens in new tab)
Freckle is both an adaptive and targeted practice program that helps educators to effectively differentiate math and ELA for students with interactive features, team challenges, real-world scenarios, nonfiction and fiction articles, and instant feedback. The judges appreciated how materials keep students engaged, with one judge saying, “I like that it has many standards-aligned assessments that are adaptive.”

Bouncy's Ready to Learn Resilience program

(Image credit: Ripple Effects)

Ripple Effects Bouncy's Ready to Learn Resilience program (opens in new tab)
Breathing Bouncy, a breathing animatronic service dog, anchors a character-driven, play-based approach to building resilience and readiness to learn for learners in grades PreK-1. It features both physical and digital elements to help learn how to self-calm when stressed. “Such a wonderful way to teach students how to self care from an early age,” said the judges.


Samsung Interactive Pro

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Samsung Interactive Pro (opens in new tab)
Available in 75- and 85-inch clear UHD models, the Samsung Interactive Pro display allows educators to create immersive lessons and offers seamless video conferencing and content sharing to connect remote and in-person learners. “This Interactive Panel by Samsung offers stunning, vibrant displays of life-like content for learning,” said the judges.'s K12 LEARN Solution

(Image credit:'s K12 LEARN Solution (opens in new tab)’s K12 LEARN Solution provides a comprehensive curriculum paired with skills practice and assessment components designed to support diverse learners in synchronous and asynchronous environments. “I recommend Study Island as a resource for extra math and language arts practice,” said one judge, adding that it addresses many problems that arise with various learning styles and levels.

TeachTown enCORE

(Image credit: TeachTown)

TeachTown enCORE Elementary (opens in new tab)
enCORE Elementary is a standards-based, adapted core curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis that provides students with moderate to severe disabilities access to the general education curriculum. It offers grade-aligned content, differentiated literature with visual supports, and integrated technology. The judges called this “an incredible and unique tool,” adding, “Teachers will find this extremely valuable.”

Tripp Lite by Eaton Safe-IT Heavy-Duty Rolling Carts

(Image credit: Tripp Lite by Eaton)

Tripp Lite by Eaton Safe-IT Heavy-Duty Rolling Carts (opens in new tab)
Safe-IT heavy-duty rolling carts support the largest displays on the market, meet UL safety standards, and feature antimicrobial handles that help resist the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew. The judges said, “A great solution for allowing large smart boards to be mobile. Safe and effective, allowing teachers to share and have more flexibility.”

Safe-IT UV Locking Storage Cart for Mobile Devices and AV Equipment

(Image credit: Tripp Liite by Eaton)

Tripp Lite by Eaton Safe-IT UV Locking Storage Cart for Mobile Devices and AV Equipment (opens in new tab)
Safe-IT UV locking storage carts use ultraviolet lights to reduce the presence of germs on devices and require only 10 minutes to sanitize devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearables. The judges called this “a great option for schools,” adding, “With the rise in technology purchases in schools, educators are always looking for ways to store devices.”

Voyager Passport

(Image credit: Voyager Sopris Learning)

Voyager Sopris Learning Voyager Passport (opens in new tab)
Voyager Passport is a gamified, adventure-based intensive reading intervention for K-5 students, based on science of reading pedagogy and targeting critical priority skills and providing strategies. One judge said, “I particularly liked the Voyager Passport remote ready slides which are designed for compatibility with various delivery platforms, such as Zoom, Google Classroom, GoTo, or Seesaw.”