Tech & Learning's Best of 2022 Secondary Education (Grades 9-12)

Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022
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Congratulations to the following Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022 winners in the category of "Secondary Education (Grades 9-12)": 

Best of 2022 Secondary Education (Grades 9-12)

Acer Travelmate

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Acer Acer TravelMate B3
The new TravelMate B3 is a Windows 11 laptop for students and teachers. It features an 11.6-inch HD touchscreen, full HD webcam, fast Intel® Wi-Fi 6, the latest Intel Celeron processors, a military-grade MIL-STD 810H compliant durability and a spill-resistant keyboard. Our judges liked this laptop and called it "well-conceived." 

BenQ Education RP03 BenQ Board

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BenQ BenQ Education RP03 BenQ Board
BenQ Board RP03 smart board features include single sign-on, cloud access, screen sharing, split-screen, screen recording, and annotation tools in a germ-resistant interactive display. The judges were impressed by this smart board, especially the the ability to securely access files using an NFC card and the ease of use afforded by saving personal settings. 

Boxlight Attention! Secondary

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Boxlight Attention! Secondary
FrontRow by Boxlight’s Attention! combines FrontRow Conductor™ campus-wide bells, paging, intercom, and emergency communication platform with Boxlight’s CleverLive cloud management platform and the Boxlight MimioPro 4 or Clevertouch IMPACT Max interactive displays for an integrated audio-visual messaging and alerting system. "It's an incredible way to communicate to all users with a video or audio message quickly, said the judges, adding, "Attention can also be used to broadcast positive, upbuilding messages regularly."

Boxlight CleverLive Secondary

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Boxlight CleverLive Secondary
CleverLive digital signage is a cloud content management platform that turns an interactive display into a communication tool, broadcasting announcements, messages, and alerts with just a few steps. Tech & Learning judges called it a "great product," highlighting the sharing, display and mobile features. 

Boxlight EOS Education PD Secondary

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Boxlight EOS Education PD Secondary
EOS Education by Boxlight provides professional development services to districts, schools, and other organizations that are focused on improving teaching and learning. Training can be facilitated in-person, virtual, or a combination of both. The judges said, "Overall, this is a very good tool," emphasizing the custom training and popular education topics.

Boxlight MimioPro 4

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Boxlight MimioPro 4 Secondary
The MimioPro 4 touch-driven LCD interactive display can function as an interactive whiteboard, PC, and collaboration tool for students in the class or at home. Key features include USB-C with charging and hardware optimization; anti-glare glass with level 7 Mohs; four customizable User profiles; and selection of educational software and apps. "This is a great option for individual teaching sessions, small groups, or the whole group," said the judges. "The Note app and CleverShare foster quality discussions and collaboration, while the Boxlight integration is a great way to stay connected."

Boxlight Robo 3D printers

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Boxlight Robo 3D Printers Secondary
Robo 3D printers are ready to use right out of the box, including access to MyStemKits and its library of standards-driven 3D-printable STEAM curriculum for K-12. With WiFi and Hot Spot enabled for Chromebook and iPad, projects can be printed from anywhere, even from home. "These printers are the perfect solution for STEM education at all levels," said the judges, who especially like the built-in curriculum.


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ClassLink Classlink
ClassLink is a global provider of education products, including apps and files with single sign-on and that streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. It is used by 18 million students and staff in more than 2,400 school systems. The judges called it, “A good value for the money.”

Clayful screenshot

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Clayful Inc. Clayful
Clayful is mental wellness platform that provides on-demand text-based coaching for every student. It combines coaching with data and curriculum for schools and strategies for families to help decrease behavioral concerns and increase student safety. The judges called it a "valuable resource," commenting, "Students will perform better when they feel safe." 

Clear Touch 8086MAX

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Clear Touch Clear Touch 8086MAX
The 8086MAX interactive panel features 4K resolution, enhanced 2.1 audio integrated sound bar, software suite and an unusual digital blackboard extension. Our judges said, "This is a unique design in a board that address one of the things teachers miss: a traditional board to write on in a snap."

CTL Chromebook PX14E

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CTL CTL Chromebook PX14E
The CTL Chromebook PX14E is built with military grade durability and quality to withstand the rigors of the classroom. The PX14E has passed rigorous Mil-STD 810H testing to insure its longevity, endurance, and performance. Our judges called it a "solid device" and liked the features and pricing.

Digital Citizenship Certificate Program for Educators

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Digital Respons-Ability Digital Citizenship Certificate Program for Educators
The Respons-Able Educator Certificate Program (REC) is a research-based professional development program for educators, available in-person, hybrid/online or through any learning management system. "Respons-Ability is a very well-conceived product that serves a much-needed purpose," said the judges.

Discovery Education K-12 learning platform

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Discovery Education Discovery Education K-12 learning platform
Discovery Education provides a large collection of high-quality, standards-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, intuitive quiz and activity creation tools, and professional learning resources, all in an enhanced learning platform. The judges said the program has high value, with one adding, “I highly recommend it, and feel students learn from the program.”

Discovery Education Pivot Interactives

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Discovery Education Pivot Interactives
Pivot Interactives, Inc. creates and develops dynamic tools to actively engage students in the exploration of scientific phenomena while developing their skills in science practices. Said one of Tech & Learning's judges: "I particularly liked the idea of Pivot Interactive’s custom-made video player which has built-in on-screen tools for quick and accurate measurements (including color and light measurements)."

Edlio K-12 Communication and Payments Suite

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Edlio Edlio K-12 Communication and Payments Suite
Edlio provides a K-12 website and communication suite, including Edlio Website CMS, OSP by Edlio for online school payments, Edlio Broadcast for school alerts and Edlio Access for two-way multilingual communication. "This product is great for quick communication with the school community on the fly," said the judges. 

Edmentum's Courseware

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Edmentum Edmentum's Courseware
Exact Path, Edmentum’s K–12 math, reading, and language arts program, combines adaptive diagnostic assessments with individualized learning paths,  while providing educators with ongoing data to facilitate targeted support.  Our judges liked the mastery-based approach and the convenient aspect for students.  

Edmentum Instructional Services

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Edmentum Instructional Services
EdOptions Academy is a  fully accredited virtual school providing a variety of services, including filling short-term teacher gaps, virtual tutoring, summer school, grading services, instructional coaching, dedicated success coaches and IEP consultants. "This product solves a problem for schools today," said the judges, calling it "perfect for summer school or after-school tutoring."

Edpuzzle for Secondary

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Edpuzzle Edpuzzle for Secondary
Edpuzzle helps teachers to create interactive video lessons. Teachers can choose from ready-to-go videos, content created by the community, or recording their own videos with the built-in screen recording tool. Tech & Learning judges liked the immediate feedback, the  user interface and well-organized help center as well as the ability to support in-depth learning via student-created content.

Edutek Solutions, LLC One to One Plus Asset Management and Help Desk Software

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Edutek Solutions, LLC One to One Plus Asset Management and Help Desk Software
One to One Plus is a fully integrated asset management and help desk software that enables school districts to track and manage all their devices in a single system. "One to One Plus helps to keep data and assets organized in a streamlined process," said the judges, adding that it supports learning by providing students easy access to their necessary technology.

FlexPoint Education Cloud

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FlexPoint Education Cloud, the national arm of Florida Virtual School FlexPoint Education Cloud
FlexPoint Education Cloud provides schools and districts around the world with digital curriculum, educator training and the tools they need to support better student performance. "This is a product that has a good track record and is well known for its success in the state of Florida," said the judges. 

PAVO by Flinn Scientific

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Flinn Scientific PAVO by Flinn Scientific
PAVO by Flinn Scientific has customizable labs across all subject areas at the middle school, high school, and Advanced Placement (AP) levels, and helps educators to  support digital and hands-on learning, facilitate inquiry-based exploration, and differentiate instruction using labs, embedded safety resources, test prep, formative and summative assessments, and multi-level reporting tools. Our judges called it "a great digital science solution for hands-on, inquiry-based science labs." and especially liked the extensive video library. 

Forward Edge

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Forward Edge Forward Edge
Edge•U is a professional learning system that offers concise professional learning opportunities for educators. Edge•U received the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Seal of Alignment for the Educator Standards in February 2020, and a renewal of the Seal of Alignment in 2022. "Edge U is an excellent professional development and digital badging solution," said the judges.

Frontline Education Frontline School Health Management with Disease Case Functionality

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Frontline Education Frontline School Health Management with Disease Case Functionality
Frontline School Health Management with new Disease Case Management functionality helps districts keep students and staff safe with health checks, test results, vaccine tracking, case management, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine data, and statistics for over 30 communicable diseases.  Our judges called it a good resource for schools. 

Gale In Context: For Educators

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Gale, part of Cengage Group Gale In Context: For Educators
Gale In Context: For Educators (For Educators) is a curriculum and instruction tool that enables educators to find and personalize digital learning content across the curriculum. It includes pre-built lesson plans, curation and customization tools, and the ability to share resources. Tech & Learning judges called it a "great resource," adding "This product increases efficiency by streamlining access to curated and authoritative educational resources for teachers."

IXL Learning Rosetta Stone for Schools

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IXL Learning Rosetta Stone for Schools
Rosetta Stone for Schools is a language learning platform that helps students build fluency and engages students in all four domains of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  "Students can learn at their own pace in culturally responsive environments," said the judges. "It sets students up for success."

IXL Learning

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IXL Learning helps learners systematically improve their vocabulary, with a wide array of words and question types, including questions based on images and real-world examples. The content aligns with thousands of commonly taught texts and topics. " is a good learning resource that's fun, amusing, and engaging for all audiences," said the judges. "The point system encourages goal-setting, and though kids feel as if they're playing a fun game, they're also expanding their vocabularies."

IXL Learning Wyzant

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IXL Learning Wyzant
With 65,000 tutors specializing in more than 300 subjects, Wyzant enables learners to receive secure, one-on-one online tutoring in nearly any subject. Tutors offer in-depth guidance on a wide range of topics, including English, language arts, physics, calculus, coding, SAT/ACT test prep, and more. "This is a great service for students to receive extra help from a personal tutor," said the judges.

Logitech Crayon for USB-C iPad

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Logitech Logitech Crayon for USB-C iPad
The latest Logitech Crayon is a digital pencil designed for use with all iPads with USB-C port. Using the same technology found in Apple Pencil, Crayon supports hundreds of apps for drawing, writing, annotating and more. "This pencil allows students to draw, erase and fix mistakes more easily than with paper and pencil," said the judges. "Students will enjoy using this device."

McGraw Hill AR

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McGraw Hill McGraw Hill AR
McGraw Hill AR is an augmented reality app that leverages AR to take challenging, abstract concepts and give them a visual, 3-D representation in the real world. It currently has 10 experiences for Algebra readiness and 3D Geometry for grades 6 and up, with more to come in 2023.  Tech & Learning judges liked the app's AR approach and said, "Even though this product is still growing and new it is off to a great start!"


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MobileMind MobileMind
MobileMind delivers a comprehensive professional development platform that facilitates district-scaled, personalized learning in gamified, self-paced micro-courses. The platform allows districts to consolidate their PD initiatives from technology, compliance, curriculum, new hire training, and more. Our judges highlighted the ease of use, convenience, gamification features and the ability to customize. 

n2y Unique Learning System

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n2y Unique Learning System
Unique Learning System is an online solution developed specifically to help unique learners achieve their state’s extended standards. Differentiated interactive lessons, detailed lesson plans, standards alignment, assessments, progress monitoring, reporting, and research-based teaching strategies support learning. The judges called it a very valuable tool for both special education and general education.

New EdTech Classroom Next Generation Teacher

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New EdTech Classroom Next Generation Teacher
Next Generation Teacher (formerly known as 21st Century Teacher) virtual professional development program provides professionally produced videos with embedded check-for-understanding questions and in-app activities that enable teachers to experience edtech programs from a learner's perspective. "This is a well- thought-out and developed product that listened to teachers' needs and delivered with sound, research-based content," said Tech & Learning judges. 

NoRedInk Co. NoRedInk

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NoRedInk Co. NoRedInk
NoRedInk online writing curriculum includes diagnostic tools, instructional resources, targeted skills practice, and a range of scaffolded and unscaffolded writing activities. Its assessment and reporting features help teachers differentiate instruction, monitor trends, and track student growth. "NoRedInk is a great program to build strong writers," said our judges. 


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Otus Otus
Otus empowers K-12 educators to help every student reach their full potential by providing an all-in-one platform with integrated tools to gather, visualize, and act on student growth data. Otus intehrates  grading, assessments, progress monitoring, alonf with a full-fledged data warehouse. Our judges said, "Their all-in-one platform with integrated tools to gather, visualize, and act on student growth data allows teachers and administrators to make decisions based on solid data that help students to make significant growth and make strides to reach their full potential."


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Paper Paper
Paper partners with school districts and state education agencies to provide learners with an unlimited, on-demand Educational Support System (ESS), which offers 1:1 chat-based tutoring, targeted writing feedback, college and career support, learning opportunities and after-school enrichment. "Paper is amazingly intuitive and an asset to any school district wanting to expand their homework help and after-school academic programming," said the judges. 


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ParentSquare ParentSquare
ParentSquare is a school-home engagement platform for K-12 education that engages families with school communications and communications-based services. The platform features extensive integrations with student information and other administrative systems, translation to more than 100 languages, and app, email, text, voice, and web portal access.  Tech & Learning judges called it "one of the most comprehensive district/school/teacher to parent communication tools" adding, "With Parent Square, you can now communicate like the pros!" 


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Promethean Promethean
Promethean’s all-new ActivPanel interactive display provides secure sign-in options, streamlined connection to content, flexible lesson delivery software, and personalized user experience. Teachers can record lessons, including classroom voices and panel content, to share with remote and absent students through any platform. Our judges called it a "very innovative product." and suggested that outfitting the entire school with these dsiplays would provide the best value.  

Proximity Learning Virtual Instructors

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Proximity Learning Proximity Learning Virtual Instructors
Proximity Learning's livestreaming virtual classroom with certified teachers allows students to interact with teachers, raise their hands, work in groups, and ask questions in real time. "This product will help students receive the education they need in a timely manner when the supply of teachers may be low," said Tech and Learning judges.  

Renaissance Star Assessments

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Renaissance Renaissance Star Assessments
Star Assessments provides  streamlined assessment processes to answer essential questions related to universal screening, progress monitoring, goal setting, instructional planning, standards mastery, state proficiency, college readiness, and growth. Judges called it a "very good reading assessment program," highlighting its speed and ease of use for both teachers and students. 

Ripple Effects for Teens

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Ripple Effects Ripple Effects for Teens
Designated a Promising Program by CASEL and a National Dropout Prevention Center Model Program, Ripple Effects for Teens (grades 6 – 12) offers more than 400 trauma-informed, digital lessons, while its intervention system helps students address a range of needs from core skillset deficits to behavioral and mental health challenges. Our judges called it "a solution in a time of great need for student positive well being," and liked privacy it affords students as well as the ability for teachers to create customized playlists. 

Samsung Interactive Pro

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Samsung Samsung Interactive Pro
Available in 75 and 85-inch clear UHD models, Interactive Pro comes with touch latency of 26ms, coupled with a shatterproof film and simultaneous connectivity for up to 50 devices at a time, ideal for schools with 1:1 technology environments. "The Interactive Pro by Samsung offers stunning, vibrant displays of life-like content for learning," said the judges."It's also amazingly versatile in accepting content from many curriculum companies as well as converting lessons that were created using other displays and interactive software platforms."


(Image credit: SchooLinks)

SchooLinks SchooLinks
SchooLinks supports postsecondary readiness with more than 80 interactive experiences including interest discovery, social emotional learning, internship matching, career mentorship, industry partner management and more. Our judges found it a comprehensive solution and especially liked the analytics and tracking features. 

Shmoop Heartbeat Collections

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Shmoop Shmoop Heartbeat Collections
Educators use Heartbeat during bell ringers or drain off periods allowing for maximum instruction time. The addition of “Collections” in Heartbeat allows a district to better define the components of their district-wide initiatives like “Portrait of a Graduate” or “Guide-for-Life.”  The judges liked the way this product supports social-emotional learning and evaluates soft skills.

TeachTown enCORE

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TeachTown enCORE
enCORE is a standards-based, adapted core curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides students with moderate to severe disabilities access to the general education curriculum. Our judges called it "innovative, unique and a great support for teachers and students."


(Image credit: Transfr)

Transfr Transfr
Transfr uses virtual and augmented reality simulations to build hands-on trainings that allow students to be ready to work in industries with thousands of job openings, including manufacturing and healthcare. A VR trainee can gain direct experience in simulated environments–from putting up power lines to taking blood in hospitals–that allow them to explore potential careers. The judges liked this program, observing, "Transfr exposes students to careers that may not require a four-year degree."

UWorld College Readiness

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UWorld UWorld College Readiness
UWorld allows teachers to easily find, preview, assign, or present College Board®-level content aligned to their course and receive real-time results on student performance.  Vivid illustrations, built-in support, and customizable study tools help make content more accessible and assist with retention. Tech & Learning judges praised the the features, price and the weekly content updates.


(Image credit: ViewSonic)

ViewSonic Corp. ViewSonic UNIVERSE
UNIVERSE by ViewSonic is a software application that provides a virtual 3D environment where teachers can host their daily classes and foster human connection, natural conversation, and group collaboration. Said one judge: "I particularly liked the fact that students and teachers are represented by customized avatars which provide a sense of presence and identity."

Voyager Sopris Learning LANGUAGE! Live

(Image credit: Voyager Sopris Learning)

Voyager Sopris Learning LANGUAGE! Live
LANGUAGE! Live is a research-based literacy intervention for struggling students in grades 5–12 that uses a blended approach to reinforce literacy foundations while engaging students with authentic text. Our judges particularly liked the way the program allows students to move at their own pace in the blended learning environment.