Tech&Learning Announces Major Expansion

(Image credit: Future)

Future plc (LSE: FUTR), the global platform for specialist media, today announces the launch of a new higher education technology website, Tech & Learning University  (

Keeping in the tradition of reporting excellence of Future brands like TechRadar, PC Gamer, and Tech & Learning, Tech & Learning University covers the hottest topics in higher ed today from esports to cloud to data & security to give higher ed tech directors the information they need to support instruction through the meaningful use of technology.

“It’s a time of dramatic change in higher ed,” said Contributing Editor Dr. Margot Douaihy. “Tech & Learning University will be a vital media ecosystem for higher education stakeholders—technologists, instructional designers, integrators, faculty, and staff—who want to learn, share, adopt innovative pedagogies, and transform their campuses. As college tuition increases and student enrollment fluctuates, smarter tools and strategies can help schools stay resilient.”

In addition to the launch of Tech & Learning University, the 40 year-old edtech brand Tech & Learning ( is relaunching to expand on its mission to be the authoritative voice for the latest and greatest “Tools and Ideas for K-12 EdTech Leaders,” by expanding both the scope and breadth of its education technology coverage.

“Ten years ago, the focus of implementing technology in schools was very ‘top down’—the school district leaders decided what sort of curriculum software to install on desktops, what equipment to outfit every classroom, etc.,” says Kevin Hogan, Content Director for Tech & Learning. “Today, every educator needs to know about these technologies. They are also more likely empowered to make those purchasing decisions on their own. The relaunched helps both the district administrators and the teachers understand how to use technology to drive innovation.”

The launch of Tech & Learning University, coupled with the relaunch of, ensures Future’s Education Group will remain the go-to resource for education technology news, reviews, and insights.