Technology Supports Reading and Writing

Technology can be a good source to help teach reading and writing. You can help your primary teachers by:

  • Finding sites that have good visuals for something about which they may be reading (like penquins for example). It takes only a second or two to share, but having as much realia as possible helps language develop and the expression of ideas for writing as well. The Internet is a fabulous source for this.
  • Capture lots of picures and put them up around the room. The teacher can use these to elicit oral language.
  • Bookmark (or save on the computer) a few sites on topics to help generate ideas for writing.
  • Use a large screen presentation so children could see the site and images as the teacher manipulates the computer.
  • Ideally, a primary classroom could be equipped with a SMART board so a class could use the Internet with teacher supervision.

Submitted by:
Cheryl Vitali
Reading Recovery Teacher
Alta Elementary School

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