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Put to the Test: Dukane AirSlate 3 promo image

Put to the Test: Dukane AirSlate 3

The Dukane AirSlate 3 Interactive Writing tablet lets the student interact with images being projected in a classroom directly from their seat or lets a teacher interact from anywhere in the room. Up to 50 AirSlate3 can be connected to

Primary Math Placement Test

Primary Math Placement Test This test for aspiring primary (K-3) math students assesses those students in three main parts, which include measurement, counting, time (days, clock, etc.), and patterns. Saxon Math • Lesson Plans • Professional Brian

Interactive Tests

Interactive Tests Teachers of mathematics will adore this clickable list of activities in some very sophisticated mathematical concepts, such as Sets, Functions, etc. The links are color-coded to indicate whether each link is: 1. Multiple choice test with exactly one correct answer for each