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Texas district outfits schools with virtual desktops

Judson ISD is a 21,000 student school district located in the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. Rapid population growth in the San Antonio area has swelled student enrollment in the district.
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Judson ISD is a 21,000 student school district located in the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. Rapid population growth in the San Antonio area has swelled student enrollment in the district. At the same time, the district has placed a high priority on integrating technology and learning. With tight budgets and limited IT staff, Judson needed a computing solution that was simple to deploy, affordable to purchase, and easy to manage.

Judson had already deployed thin-clients in the past. So when school administrators heard that LG Network Monitors provided an integrated virtual desktop/ monitor, they were immediately interested. LG Network Monitors enable a single PC to be shared by up to 11 students or staff at the same time. Each user connects his/her peripherals directly to the LG Network Monitor which is then connected to a host desktop PC. Each user gets a full computing session.

“Before, we had one student computer in each classroom of 25 students,” said John Orona, Director of Desktop Services at Judson, “Now, we have four computing stations in the majority of our classrooms in the elementary and middle schools. In addition to classrooms, the LG Network Monitors enable us to provide a flexible and inexpensive solution for computer labs and libraries as well.

"We were impressed by the simplicity of the LG Network Monitors because the peripherals connect right into the monitor and there is just one cable that goes to the host PC – its clutter-free and provides more desk space for students,” said John Orona.

Judson IT staff pre-image a host PC and can install a four-user system in about 30 minutes. The quick install enables Judson to deploy computing stations throughout the year (rather than waiting for the summer recess). Faculty and staff also like the simplicity of LG Network Monitors. “Installing LG Network Monitors is by far one of the best technology decisions the District has made,” said John Mueller, Librarian at Metzger middle school, “The Network Monitors perform just like a full PC and the kids have no idea that they don’t have a PC under the desk!”

Judson ISD has deployed LG Network Monitors in classrooms, computer labs and libraries. Based on their internal analysis, Judson has cut computer acquisition costs by at least 50 percent, while improving IT staff productivity – each technician now supports 1,100 students. Electricity costs have been cut by 70% and the CoSN (Consortium of School Networking) has certified Judson ISD as a Green Computing District

“This year we have a new high school under construction and next year, we add an elementary and a middle school. But we won’t have additional IT staff, so the LG Network Monitors are critical,” said John Orona.



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