Texas District Saves Thousands on Refurbished Apple Products

When balancing the budget of an entire school district, expensive new technology is often among the first to be cut. But administrators at one Texas district have found an option to put more high-quality technology in their students’ hands, using a fraction of their previous budget.

Trinity Independent School District purchased dozens of refurbished Apple products, including MacBooks and AC adapters, from Mac to School, provider of refurbished Apple devices.

“Buying refurbished products from Mac to School allowed us to give our teachers and students access to the best technology available while staying within our budget,” said Barry Coleman, the district’s director of technology. “We’ve placed multiple orders with Mac to School and have been thrilled with the results every time.”

The tech department spent roughly $30,000 on these refurbished Macs; they would have spent an additional 40% for the same number of machines bought them new.

Mac to School also offers to purchase Apple products from districts that are looking to upgrade or make room in their budget for new computers.