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Texas schools move to Web storage system

 Amid school budget cuts across the nation, 76 Texas K-12 schools are realizing cost savings while offering convenience to students and teachers by implementing the School Web Lockers (http://www.schoolweblockers.com/) online storage and file sharing system.
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 Amid school budget cuts across the nation, 76 Texas K-12 schools are realizing cost savings while offering convenience to students and teachers by implementing the School Web Lockers (http://www.schoolweblockers.com/) online storage and file sharing system. The Web-based platform allows students and teachers to work on computer-generated documents both at school and at home, without expensive servers hosted by the district.

In Texas, 45,000 teachers and students are now benefiting from School Web Lockers technology. The software provides safe and convenient access to digital documents and projects from any Internet location, and combines online storage, backup, collaboration and file sharing in a single system. To start, each user receives a secure, password-protected Web locker, or digital drop box. They can then create work on one computer device and then save files in their Web locker for access and completion on another computer later. 

On average, servers hosted by a district can cost up to $32,000 a piece and each district may require three or four servers alone to secure students' digital documents. By contrast, School Web Lockers' online service costs as little as $1 per student, per year. Even at this low per student price, data storage is unlimited, giving students the ability to maintain a large online portfolio of video projects, presentations and everyday assignments. 

For Ron Bolin, executive director of technology for Randolph Field Independent School District in Universal City, Texas, the decision to implement School Web Lockers' online storage solution three years ago was more about ease of use and convenience for the student population.

"We are very happy with what School Web Lockers offers our district and students," said Bolin. "The technology is so easy to use from both a technology management and student point of view, and all for just a low fee."

In addition to saving money on server fees, many districts leveraging the School Web Lockers solution spend less on paper and ink toner, as projects do not have to be printed out and taken home. For further savings, all of the data is stored off site, in a secure center that is managed and monitored by School Web Lockers, requiring no maintenance or upkeep by the school district.

Ron Hudson, technology director of Christ the King Catholic School in Dallas, says his school has experienced substantial savings since using School Web Lockers. "Saving money on jump drives has been our biggest cost-cutting factor, removing about $2,400 from our budget," said Hudson.



Web storage winner named

School Web Lockers announced Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia as the grand prize winner in the School Web Lockers  Supreme Storage Makeover Grant Contest.

Web storage makeover grant contest

K-12 school districts across the U.S. will have the chance to compete for an entire year’s worth of free Web-based file sharing and storage for their teachers and students with today’s launch of the School Web Lockers Supreme Storage Makeover Grant Contest.

Virtual storage offers security, space

  As Pennsylvania schools begin to embrace new one-to-one computing initiatives, students and teachers are gaining valuable technology experience through the use of next-generation Web "lockers" that are simplifying the way they access and store electronic files.

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New Web-based service announced

My Web Lockers (www.myweblockers.com) is a new Web-based service launched today that intends to make it easier and more affordable for K-12 schools to begin using the Internet to store and share everyday projects, such as homework and class assignments. Affiliated with School Web Lockers (www.schoolweblockers.com), the leading online platform for cost-effective, Web-based collaboration and storage for K-12 schools, My Web Lockers provides schools with an entry-level solution to their file sharing challenges. Check back and look for our review in an upcoming issue and online here at techlearning.comClick through for the full release.

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