Text-to-Speech Technology Helps ELLs, Struggling Readers Build Literacy Skills

More than 5 million American students face the challenge of trying to learn math, science and social studies at the same time they are trying to build English language skills. English Language Learners now have a new tool in NovaNET Courseware to help overcome this hurdle, using the digital learning curriculum’s new embedded text-to-speech feature.

NovaNET Courseware is now speech-enabled with Texthelp Systems’ SpeechStream, a text-to-speech toolbar that gives students the ability to read while hearing text read aloud by a digitized human voice. Students can also use the toolbar’s Translator feature to translate any unfamiliar words. They can have the translated words read aloud in Spanish and can even control the speed of the playback so they are better able to comprehend the content.

Chris Dragon, President of Pearson Digital Learning, said, “Having this new text-to-speech technology embedded in NovaNET Courseware levels the playing field for all students when it comes to learning content while building language skills. Now, NovaNET Courseware provides even greater support for students struggling with reading and writing difficulties and learning disabilities, and those learning the English language.”